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Prioritizing IT Capital Project
Group Assignment

Due start of class, Week 13


This assignment is worth 40% of the marks for the unit:

The Assignment

Imagine you are the IS Manager or equivalent in the company. Analyze the Capital Projects Prioritizing case study to determine a project ranking. Use a ranking table and weights to quantify your priority ranking (refer to Laudon & Laudon Chapter 14 Managing Projects). Justify your prioritization technique and your determination of the company's strategic direction. Show how your priorities fit in with the business strategy.

As a group, write a 3,000-word business report, double spaced, documenting your business analysis, selection of criteria, assumptions, and conclusions. During the final class period, each student will participate in their group's 20-minute presentation.

Purpose of the case study

The purpose of the case study is to provide:

Business Imperatives driving the case

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