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Reactions to the Leadership Tracking System

This section reports reactions to registering over the web, and to the tracking system itself.

# From Date Subject
1 David Heise 26 May 2000 5:43 PM Message to WebCT Administrators on role as a technical resource to their Regional Groups, and a request to test the web registration for the Roundtable Conference
2 Shirley Freed 28 May 2000 10:09 AM Response to msg #1
3 Gunnar Jørgensen 29 May 2000 4:10 AM Response to msg #1
4 David Heise 29 May 2000 12:00 PM Response to msg #2
5 Robson Marinho 20 Jun 2000 9:32 PM Request to register over the web
6 James Tucker 20 Jun 2000 9:30 PM Request to LeadAll for feedback on Web Registration, responding to msg #5
7 Christine Conroy 21 Jun 2000 07:27:20 Response to msg #6
8 James Tucker 21 Jun 2000 9:55 AM Response to msg #7
9 Carol Castillo 21 Jun 2000 10:25 AM Response to msg #8
10 Jean Papandrea 21 Jun 2000 10:47 AM Response to msg #6
11 Midge Dunzweiler 21 Jun 2000 5:44 PM Response to msg #6
12 James Tucker 22 Jun 2000 8:37 AM Summarizing responses to msg #6
13 Carol Castillo 22 Jun 2000 9:33 AM Response to msg #12
14 Naomi Ludman 22 Jun 2000 11:11 AM Response to msg #13
15 David Heise 5 Sep 2000 8:12 AM Describing a new progress report for AU Credits Completed
16 Carol Castillo 5 Sep 2000 9:48 AM Response to msg #15
17 Carol Castillo 7 Sep 2000 8:58 AM Response to progress on Annual Review
18 Shirley Freed 7 Sep 2000 6:29 PM Further reactions to progress on Annual Review
19 Carol Castillo 14 Sep 2000 6:17 PM Reference to the user manual
20 Anna Piskozub 18 Sep 2000 8:52 PM Comments from Graduate Secretary after help with semester conversion of credits
21 Anna Piskozub 19 Sep 2000 11:48 AM Further comments from Graduate Secretary
22 Anna Piskozub 19 Sep 2000 4:20 PM Further comments from Graduate Secretary
23 Gunnar Jørgensen 29 Sep 2000 8:48 AM Response following change of name for the Norway Regional Group
24 Carol Castillo 2 Nov 2000 8:47 AM Reaction to adding a "Save" button to some forms
25 Carol Castillo 14 Nov 2000 2:30 PM Question about how to prepare the system for next semester's registration

From: David Heise [mailto:dheise@andrews.edu]
Sent: 26 May 2000 5:43 PM
To: leadadmin@andrews.edu
Cc: Leadership Faculty
Subject: Your Title

Dear Leadership WebCT Administrators,

I have just had a meeting with Shirley Freed, and we have found several ways for those titles (WebCT Administrators) to signify action and service rather than being merely honorary.

1. WebCT & Library Access.
Would you survey your regional group members about their experiences with logging on to myWebCT and authenticating for access to the library databases? We are planning to have technical staff available at the Roundtable conference on Sunday afternoon, June 23, to help solve any problems your members are having. It would be very helpful to us as we plan for this if you would give us feedback on your members' experiences. It would help us to identify problems we need to address on Sunday afternoon.

2. Online grade lookup.
There are two matters relative to your grades we would like to get clarified prior to the roundtable.

a. Technical difficulties
Are all of your members able to view their grades online? If anyone is having difficulty getting to the grades page (linked to http://leaderpart.andrews.edu/), make sure they have completed the proxy setup instructions for the browser type and version they are using. If there are any unresolved technical problems, please refer them to Neal Boger in the School of Education at nboger@andrews.edu.

b. Transcript Verification
Once you and your members are able to get to your online transcripts, the Leadership Office would appreciate it if you would all check the details, and note any discrepancies. They encourage you to discuss these with your advisor prior to coming on campus for the Roundtable.

3. Web Registration for Roundtable
Instead of paper forms to fill in and return through the mail, this year we are able to register for the Roundtable conference over the web. We believe the application is ready to roll, but I would very much appreciate some feedback from all of you on its user-friendliness (or otherwise), its functionality, and any comments on problems you might experience. We want participants to be able to start using the application this coming Monday (May 29), so would you all give the application a hammering between now and then. Hopefully it won't break, and you will find it simple and convenient to use. If not, please email me with your observations, and I will make any necessary amendments before Monday morning.

Well, that's it. As group WebCT administrators, we have taken on an implied responsibility for being a technical resource to our respective regional groups. As we serve our groups, and collaborate together on how best to do that, why, we are working on our Ph.D., and can write that into our portfolio's!

Hope to hear from over the weekend, but if not, I will take no news as good news with respect to Web Registration for Roundtable.


David Heise email: dheise@andrews.edu
Chief Information Officer phone: (616) 471-6124
Andrews University fax: (616) 471-6900

From: Shirley Freed [mailto:freed@andrews.edu]
Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2000 10:09 AM
To: David Heise
Subject: Re: Your Title

David - this is a great message! Let's see what happens! shirley

From: Gunnar Jørgensen [daglig.leder@signum.no]
Sent: Monday, May 29, 2000 4:10 AM
To: 'David Heise'
Subject: SV: Your Title

Hello David,

I went through the registration last week after a mail from Carol Castillo. I thought the whole thing looked and worked very well! I don't know if I was too early, maybe my registration din't come through after all? If not I'll do it again.


From: David Heise [dheise@andrews.edu]
Sent: Monday, May 29, 2000 12:00 PM
To: Shirley Freed
Subject: RE: Your Title

Thanks Shirley. Six people have successfully registered over the web - Gunnar Jorgensen, Lara MacQuarie, Dale Mancini, Bill Morelan, Wiley O'Neil, and Elizabeth Watson. No one has emailed me about problems getting in or with revisions to make. It will be interesting to see if everyone gets on and does it this way, and what comments, if any, we get about it. I know it is going to help Carol and Robson, and for this, I will have something to put in my Portfolio.

Thanks for your support.


From: Robson [marinho@andrews.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2000 9:32 PM
To: leadall@andrews.edu
Subject: Registration closing

Hello everyone,

Many of you have already made the online registration, and thanks for that. In fact this is a very easy and nice way of registering. As we are closing registration this week, those who did not register yet and still want to take any Summer course, please go to the Leadership web site as soon as possible and make your registration in a just a couple of minutes. The Web site is:


(Your password is your Andrews ID number)

From: James Tucker [SMTP:tuckerj@andrews.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2000 9:30 PM
To: Leadall Leadership
Cc: Carol Castillo; Robson Marinho
Subject: Re: Registration closing

Hey, Leadall, give us some feedback on the registration process now vs. what it was before we went on line. How do you like it? What is better? What is not better? What problems still exist? How would you improve what we are doing if you have the chance?

You don't have to answer all those questions. You can just answer one if you like--the first one: how do you like it?

Thanks, Jim

From: Conroy, Christine <CConro@midwestern.edu>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 07:27:20 -0500
To: 'James Tucker' <tuckerj@andrews.edu>
Subject: RE: Registration closing

Good Morning Jim,

I "think" the on-line registration went smoothly. One suggestion I would have is to set up an automatic e-mail receipt (kind of like Amazon.com does when you purchase something). The person registering has no idea if everything was processed alright. It doesn't even have to be immediate, it could be a weekly or bi-weekly response to account for all new registrations.


From: James Tucker [tuckerj@andrews.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 9:55 AM
To: Leadfac Leadership
Cc: David Heise; Carol Castillo
Subject: RE: Registration closing (fwd)

The responses that I receive which carry particularly good recommendations, I will send on to all of you. I don't know who is responsible for what, so I am copying everyone who might be involved.

Christine's recommendation of a "receipt" is a good one.


From: Carol Castillo [carolc@andrews.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 10:25 AM
To: James Tucker
Cc: Leadfac Leadership; David Heise; marinho@andrews.edu
Subject: Re: Registration closing (fwd)

Hello Dr. Tucker and David:

Robson and I can both attest to the fact that the on - line registration is wonderful! Lois Forrester is willing to take the printed forms from the web. We also feel that there is less room for error when the participants fill in their own information. We appreciate hearing the input from Chris. When a person does register, at the conclusion they see a page that says "Thank you, ________" and lists all of the information they have registered for.


From: Jean Papandrea [jpapandr@mail.sctboces.org]
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 10:47 AM
To: leadall@andrews.edu; tuckerj@andrews.edu
Cc: carolc@andrews.edu; marinho@andrews.edu
Subject: Re: Registration closing

Dear Jim,
After an initial error, which bumped my first course up into the Doctoral Dissertation box, the process seems to have worked well. One caution: had Carol not confirmed my registration by e-mail, I would not have caught the error, since the on-line confirmation page reported my registration as I entered it, not as it reached Andrews.

I believe this will be a very efficient process, and put us in more direct contact with the program.


From: Midge Dunzweiler <midge@southern.edu>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 17:44:37 -0400
To: James Tucker <tuckerj@andrews.edu>
Cc: Carol Castillo <carolc@andrews.edu>,
Robson Marinho <marinho@andrews.edu>
Subject: Re: Registration closing

I really like the registration process online. It's user friendly and convenient. I like the paper conservation part of it too.

The only problem I had in the beginning was getting to the registration page.  Somehow, after many tries and cries to Carol :-) , it finally went through.

Do you think Lamson Hall could do housing registration on line also? It would be great to be able to get the room reservation at the same time and possibly reserve it with a credit card number like they do with resort hotels.

Thanks for your effort to make this easier.


From: James Tucker [tuckerj@andrews.edu]
Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2000 8:37 AM
To: Carol Castillo
Cc: Leadfac Leadership; David Heise; marinho@andrews.edu
Subject: Re: Registration closing (fwd)

Given the number of responses that I have had now, and the fact that all but one of them made the same request (for a separate acknowledgement of their registration), I think it is safe to say that the current page indicating what they have registered for is not sufficient. There should be a separate message sent to them that says, "your registration has been processed and here is what you are registered for:" Not those words, necessarily, but that idea.

It has been gratifying to receive all these accolades of the new system. Every single one has been a glowing note of appreciation. That doesn't happen often. So, to those of you who put this together, THANK YOU!


From: Carol Castillo [carolc@andrews.edu]
Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2000 9:33 AM
To: James Tucker
Cc: Leadfac Leadership; David Heise; marinho@andrews.edu
Subject: Re: Registration closing (fwd)

Hi Dr. Tucker:

I believe that David plans to work on an acknowledgement for registration.

One day I told David how I wished people could register for the Round Table and courses on the web. David admitted that this would be a huge task. I felt I should not trouble him again, when lo and behold, one day he told me he had already completed the task. I suggested to him that he alter his course plan so that he can get credit for meeting competencies. (He did.)  The result is a wonderful, efficient data base and a smoother, less complicated way for recording registration information.  David has been very open to suggestions and has been continually making revisions as the need arises. He has also spent a great deal of time instructing Robson and me. I am very appreciative to David.


From: Naomi Ludman [nludman@smc.cc.mi.us]
Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2000 11:11 AM
To: Carol Castillo
Cc: James Tucker; Leadfac Leadership; David Heise; marinho@andrews.edu
Subject: Re: Registration closing (fwd)

Now, David, I assume that you have already filed this wonderful testimonial in the appropriate "file" in your portfolio! :-)


From: David Heise [dheise@andrews.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2000 8:12 AM
To: Carol Castillo
Subject: New Leadership Report

Hello Carol,

Over the weekend, I added another progress report. It is called AU Credits Completed, and you get to it by clicking Report Menu then Progress Reports. Let me know if you think this is of value. I do not know if all the data there is current. Another progress report that could be helpful would be IDP Progress. There is a field called IDPStatus. It can have the following values:

N Not submitted
1 1st draft
F Final draft
G Group approved
A Approved

Again, I don't know how current this data is, but it would be easy to pull a report presented in whatever way is most helpful. Is this stuff you hear the faculty ask for?

The manual is still only an idea in my head, but it is becoming a clearer idea!


From: Carol Castillo [carolc@andrews.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2000 9:48 AM
To: David Heise
Subject: Re: New Leadership Report

Hi David,

Once again, you have anticipated our needs here in the office.  Shirley has been wanting to gather information for an annual review and among them are credits accumulated. She also wants to know the progress for each person in completing EDUC632 and 633. For the new folks, I imagine she'll want to know the credits accumulated for EDUC636, 637, and 638. But all of that can come later.

I like the idea of a keeping track of IDPs on the data base. Currently I am doing this with a handwritten log, but it would be nice to print out reports of people's status.

Always, though, I am concerned of your work load, so if all of this is too much, I certainly understand.

The manual will be a wonderful resource.

Thank you again, David.


From: Carol Castillo [carolc@andrews.edu]
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2000 8:58 AM
To: David Heise
Subject: Re: Annual Review

Hi David,

Wow, you've worked on this in such a short time!  It looks like there is a lot of information for Shirley.  I'll show it to her.


David Heise wrote:

> Hello Carol & Shirley,
> I have done some work along the lines of the annual review report Shirley
> showed me. I have not been able to format it to a different status in each
> column, so I do not know how helpful this will be. Also, the data is very
> stale. But I am sure I could work some more on it. I would just need to
> spend some time with you working out in a little more detail what you need
> and how I might provide it.
> The reports are on the Report Menu under Progress Reports.
> David

From: Shirley Freed [freed@andrews.edu]
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2000 6:29 PM
To: David Heise
Subject: Re: Annual Review

David - thanks loads for working with us on this - as I said to Carol - the ability to run off easily aggregated data would be wonderful BUT we have to make sure that the info is correct and up-to-date. Even if we could just run separate lists - by annual cohort - of those with no IDP, incomplete 632,633 or their new version 636, 637 & 638. That would be helpful info - the numbers on the side xx/xx - the first xx represented the number of credits they had registered for - the second one the number of credits they've completed - that was very helpful info in the past - and will still be nice for the old particpants - starting this year I think we'll have a better handle on things!! shirley

ps - Carol showed me the hard copy of this - I haven't gone in to look at your posting

David Heise wrote:

> Hello Carol & Shirley,

> I have done some work along the lines of the annual review report Shirley
> showed me. I have not been able to format it to a different status in each
> column, so I do not know how helpful this will be. Also, the data is very
> stale. But I am sure I could work some more on it. I would just need to
> spend some time with you working out in a little more detail what you need
> and how I might provide it.

> The reports are on the Report Menu under Progress Reports.

> David

From: Carol Castillo [carolc@andrews.edu]
Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2000 6:17 PM
To: David Heise
Subject: Re: Database

So easy! Thanks!
The manual will be a wonderful reference.


David Heise wrote:

> Hi Carol. Another way to ask your question would be, "when will the manual
> be written?"
> On the third panel in the Person Details form (tab is Web Directory), there
> is a place to enter other lists that this person is in. Jim is shown as
> being in the Leadership Faculty list. Click the bar to the left of that
> entry, and press delete. Then regenerate the web stuff, and the list will
> be rebuilt. He will still be shown in the FACULTY Regional Group, which is
> under the second tab.
> David

From: Anna Piskozub [piskozub@andrews.edu]
Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 8:52 PM
To: dheise@andrews.edu
Subject: Qtr2Sem

Dear David,

I just finished adjusting the other databases. You are a great teacher!

I noticed that in my grand total field shows 4 places after the decimal. I don't know how to fix this. Can you help? I know that in the update query you use the fix formula to get rid of to many numbers after the decimal. I didn't know where to go for the grand total since there is a formula in the personal data query for this field. Does this value for running the grand total comes from another query?

Thank you very much, you really made me happy today!


From: Anna Piskozub [piskozub@andrews.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 11:48 AM
To: David Heise
Subject: Re: Qtr2Sem

Hi David,

I followed your instruction and it was very easy to fix it. Now I have another question. Yesterday we have converted quarter credits to semester credits using the update query. Today as I started entering Fall registration, I noticed that after entering the new number into the AU Crs it doesn't update the QtrCrs field. I think it would be nice to have such a feature without running each time the update query. What I would like to do is maybee write a formula which will do the calculation automatically of converting the entered number of sem credits into quarter credits in the QtrCrs field. What do I have to do? Will this have something to do with the validation in the Personal Data table?

Thank you for all your help.


David Heise wrote:

> Hello Anna,

> Go into design mode for the report and click the report field you want to
> set to 2 decimals. In the property sheet for the report, select the format
> tab, and click in the Format property. There is a drop down box which
> includes the format type "Fixed". Select this. At least, this is true in
> Access 2000. Let me know if this does not help, and I will drop in next
> time I am over there.

> I have been in a meeting all morning, and could not get back to you any
> sooner.

> Regards
> David

From: Anna Piskozub [piskozub@andrews.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 4:20 PM
To: David Heise
Subject: Re: Qtr2Sem

I did the changes to all my databases and it works just fine. Thank you again! You are very good at this. I surely learned few more things from you.

I usually have very little time to play with the database. I only focus on it when I really needed it. 


David Heise wrote:

> Good stuff Anna!

> To do this, you will need to write a small Event Procedure for the Regular
> Semester fields.

> 1. Open the form in Design mode
> 2. Click the Semester credits field
> 3. Open the property sheet for the form.
> 4. Select the Event tab.
> 5. Click the On Exit property
> 6. Click the dropdown arrow and select Event Procedure
> 7. Click the ... button to build the procedure
> 8. Paste in the following code:

> If Not IsNull(Me.AUCrs) Then
   If IsNull(Me.AUCrsQtr) Or _
      Me.AUCrsQtr= 0 Then
>       Me.AUCrsQtr= Me.AUCrs * 3 / 2
   End If
> End If

> AUCrs is the name of the field with semester credits.
> AUCrsQtr is the name of the field with quarter credits.

> This will compute quarter credits from semester credits when the cursor
> leaves the semester credit field, but only if the quarter credit field is
> blank.

> You can write similar code for the Quarter credits field to automatically
> semester credits.

> If Not IsNull(Me.AUCrsQtr) Then
   If IsNull(Me.AUCrs ) Or _
      Me.AUCrs = 0 Then
      Me.AUCrs = Me.AUCrsQtr* 2 / 3
   End If
> End If

> I hope this is clear enough for you, and does what you want.

> David

From: Gunnar Jørgensen [gunjorge@online.no]
Sent: Friday, September 29, 2000 8:48 AM
To: David Heise
Subject: SV: Group Renamed

Yes, it worked! Thank you, David.


> -----Opprinnelig melding-----
> Fra: David Heise [mailto:dheise@andrews.edu]
> Sendt: 29. september 2000 14:02
> Til: LeadNEuro@andrews.edu
> Emne: Group Renamed

> Hello Northern Europe,

> We are working on changing the name of your group from Norway to Northern
> Europe. It may take another day or so to get all the pieces changed, but if
> you receive this email, at least it means the listserv name has been changed
> OK.

> Regards
> David

From: Carol Castillo [carolc@andrews.edu]
Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2000 8:47 AM
To: dheise@andrews.edu
Subject: Save Buttons, etc.

Hi David,

Just letting you know that I have been appreciating the "save record" buttons and other improvements on the data base. So far this week I have not had any difficulties. Thank you for all of your help.


From: Carol Castillo [carolc@andrews.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 2:30 PM
To: dheise@andrews.edu
Subject: Spring registration

Hi David:

Early next week we plan to announce the spring registration and encourage people to register on the web by December 8. Is there anything I should do on the data base so that when people register, everyone will come to a registration page for Spring, 2001?


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