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1. An effective teacher/instructor with skills in:

1(b) Instructional management to accommodate individual variability

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1.   Take EDCI665 Advanced Instructional Models: Cooperative Learning for Adults with Dr. Larry Burton

1.   Reflect on reading and assignments that were done to satisfy this development goal. Include submissions made as part of this course.

2.   To foster productive use of existing and new systems in the leadership office, improve the functionality of existing tools and/or develop new features, and train staff in their effective use.

2.   Document the development of a leadership tracking system, including the maintenance of the web directory pages and listservs, and Roundtable registration. Write this up as EDUC756 Advanced Study: Office Productivity.

3.   Read selected books and online materials

3.   Write an annotated bibliography with applications to my workplace.

Reflective Summary

1. EDCI665 Advanced Instructional Models: Cooperative Learning for Adults

2. EDUC756 Advanced Study: Office Productivity

3. Annotated Bibliography

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