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1. An effective teacher/instructor with skills in:
(c) Developing instructional strategies

Virtual Banana Boxes

I was asked by the Leadership office to give one of the Concurrent Sessions at the 2001 Roundtable Conference on using the Web for organizing and presenting my Portfolio.  I am writing that experience into my Portfolio under the heading of "Develop a “toolbox” of reference materials, templates and standard procedures" for Competency 1(c) in my IDP.

I am using the web to present the documentation for fulfilling my competency requirements. In order to maintain consistency in the appearance and navigation style of my web portfolio, I have developed a series of templates and style sheets. I gave a presentation called "Virtual Banana Boxes" at one of the concurrent sessions at the 2001 Roundtable Conference. The aim of the presentation was not to teach HTML or web design fundamentals, but to explain some of what I had learned about organizing such a project, and some of the standards I had developed for myself.

The session was well attended (40+), and there seemed to be a high degree of interest in this alternate to having to transport lots of large heavy "banana boxes" to the portfolio defense. However, there has been next to no follow up interest, so I very much suspect that the pressures of work, family and studies has pushed this to the background for most people.

I also gave a brief presentation to the 2002 Cohort during orientation:

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