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1. An effective teacher/instructor with skills in:

1(c) Developing instructional strategies

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1.   Develop the use of the following technologies and resources among Leadership participants and faculty through fostering an active Leadership Technology Task Force:

    Discussion group software.

    Virtual Meeting.

    Explain and interpret computer jargon and applications of technology.

    Develop a "toolbox" of reference materials, templates and standard procedures.

1.   For the Technology Task Force: Include surveys conducted with responses and actions taken, web, email and other materials developed, reactions and responses. Reflect on strategies used to encourage participation and collaboration from the Task Force.

2.   Perform bibliographic research via the web. Read sections from at least two textbooks on the topic of cooperative learning.

2.   Prepare an annotated bibliography from web search and textbook reading, and reflect on its application to plans for the Technology Task Force and for Data Warehousing.

Reflective Summary

1. With the Leadership Technology Task Force

2. Annotated bibliography

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