Administrative Computing Committee Charter

The Administrative Computing Committee reports to the President.  It also serves to advise the University's Chief Information Officer and the President's Cabinet.   Its minutes are subject to the scrutiny and review of the Andrews University Senate.  This committee meets at the call of the chair at least once per quarter.

Georgetown University has four Technology Advisory Groups.

Charters from two other colleges are listed here as samples:

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Role & Responsibilities

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Administrative Computing Committee Charge

The Administrative Computing Committee (ACC) is charged with making policy recommendations concerning the administrative computing and networking support functions of Computer and Communications Services (CCS) and Information Services & Resources (ISR). ACC also provides advice as appropriate to CCS, ISR, and/or the President's Staff. ACC is responsible through the Associate Vice President for Information Services and Resources to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President's staff.

The Administrative Computing Committee shall consist of fourteen voting members, as follows:

The chair will be elected biennially in September by the Committee from among the voting members.

The following are among the broad categories of responsibility appropriately within the purview of ACC:

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