Administrative Computing Committee

October 24, 1996 1:30pm


Ed Wines, Chair; David Heise, Secretary; Merle Bascom, Harvey Brenneise, Lois Forrester, Rich Forrester, Kendall Hill, Elaine Hoilette, Dean Hunt, Mailen Kootsey, Rebecca May, Robert Moon, Bob Robinson, Sue Schwab, Karen Wade
APOLOGIES David Burghart, Melody Chambers, Mark Clayton, Lisa Jardine, Doug Miller, David Penner


Lois Forrester


The minutes of the August 7, 1996 meeting were approved.


Rebecca May reported on behalf of Lisa Jardine and Mark Clayton, who were attending a Banner Conference. Mark was giving a presentation on lessons learned while implementing Alumni in Banner. Janelle and David Burghart are booked for Prospect training in Banner. Hardware setup for PCs and networking is complete.


Karen Wade reported that new work had begun on non-resident alien compliance. Rules on making payments in such cases and reporting on withholding are being studied and applied. Financial aid to international students is dependent on tax treaties with those countries, and on state and federal tax laws. Banner is able to accommodate these rules, while the prior system could not. Where aid is paid in excess of tuition plus books, tax may need to be withheld.


Karen Wade reported that the Finance Office is pushing ahead with Banner budgeting plans. Training sessions have been held for VPs and Deans, as well as for Finance Department Heads. Budgeting in Banner is expected to be an improvement over previous methods of developing budgets. At this point, history figures are not available in Banner for budget comparisons, but ways to load them are being investigated. Rich Forrester is continuing to enhance the Microsoft Access financial reports.


Sue Schwab gave a report on the status of registration in Banner. This is scheduled to go live in the Winter quarter. The schedule has been loaded into Banner, as well as the tuition rules. Approximately half of the Summer registration was done in Banner in parallel as a test. Records staff have been trained on the new registration screen, but this training will be refreshed. Input at four workstations simultaneously gave satisfactory performance.

A new class list report has been written. The familiar "Yellow Sheet" has been replaced with two forms. Financial and academic registration have been disconnected. Students can register in either sequence. They can make a reservation for a class, but the reservation will be canceled if it is not confirmed by financial registration. The Web schedule program has been rewritten to access Banner data. There are still a lot of scripts to modify or rewrite for Banner registration. Processing that involves access to years prior to Banner will have to be done manually. There are matters to resolve regarding backdating registration due to input errors, since there is the possibility of attempting to post to closed months. As was mentioned in the previous meeting, Banner uses a different algorithm for refunds, and these may still have to be processed manually, as at present.

Careful planning and communication amongst all involved parties was called for to ensure that the new registration procedures run smoothly.

Following the Winter registration conversion to Banner, there are other matters to deal with - loading academic history and creating transcripts.


Ed Wines reported that Jason Loucks will work with Sue Schwab in the conversion of Financial Aid to Banner, which is scheduled to be ready to start the cycle in February next year.

Sue Schwab has familiarized herself with Banner Financial Aid, and reported that it has comprehensive awarding rules and fund setup parameters, and has checked the disbursement processes.

David Heise gave a report on current work with the PowerFAIDS Financial Aid software.


David Heise reported that the new Sun was up and running, but that the version of the operating system it required (Solaris 2.5.1) was not supported for Banner. Several options were urgently being pursued, in order to have a more powerful system available for the Winter registration. These included an upgrade to the Sequent (prohibitively expensive), rental of a Sun capable of running Solaris 2.4 (required for Banner, also too expensive), loan of such a system from Sun, and a swap with Computer Science. The Computer Science offer in response to our predicament was much appreciated. However, in the end, Sun offered us a 60-day loan which has arrived and is being prepared to run Banner. Within that time-frame, we need to complete the following conversions:
  • Platform conversion from Sequent to loaned Sun
  • Software conversion for registration from COBOL system to Banner
  • Banner upgrade through multiple incrementals to 2.1.10
  • Platform conversion from loaned Sun to our Sun Enterprise 3000


Various options were discussed, including:
  • 1800 numbers (USA only)
  • CompuServe (corporate account with multiple users?)
  • another provider, with local telephone numbers
  • i-Pass or similar consortium

It was felt that the extent of the need should be determined. Options should be researched and documented in the next Computing Center Newsletter. Also, questionnaires should be sent out to Deans and department heads. Mailen Kootsey agreed to do this for Deans. Ed Wines and David Heise agreed to do the same for administrative heads.


A recommendation from the Risk Control Committee was presented, and is attached to these minutes. Ed Wines reported that losses due to theft have totalled $56,000 this calendar year, and the majority of that is computer equipment.

The recommendations were accepted by this committee, with one item being referred for further investigation. It was suggested that metal embossed stickers with security adhesive would look more professional than using magic markers with a stencil. The committee requested that samples of each be prepared for comparison.