Administrative Computing Committee

January 29, 1997 3:30pm



Ed Wines, Chair; David Heise, Secretary; Harvey Brenneise, David Burghart, Elaine Hoilette, Mark Clayton, Rich Forrester, Kendall Hill, Dean Hunt, Mailen Kootsey, David Penner, Sue Schwab, Karen Wade, Linda Wysong, Mistee Arias

Lisa Jardine

Rebecca May, Doug Miller, Robert Moon
PRAYER David Burghart
MINUTES APPROVED The minutes of the December 18, 1996 meeting were approved.

SEQUENT TO SUN STATUS REPORT Mark Clayton reported on the status of the Sequent to borrowed Sun platform conversion. Programming staff spent more than 60 weekend hours to effect the conversion, which was reasonably smooth. Some UNIX problems unique to each platform were proving difficult to solve, including problems with printers, perl scripts, COBOL subroutines and interfacing the Kronos clocks, but progress was being made on these.
CONVERSION PLAN TO ENTERPRISE 3000 Mark Clayton presented an aggressive plan for performing the Banner upgrades from 2.0.X to 2.1.10 and the final platform conversion from the borrowed Sun to our own Sun Enterprise 3000. Details are attached to these minutes. Mark gave us the good news that since preparing the plan, we had found that we can skip doing the 2.0.X incremental upgrades. However, this gain is balanced out by the extra time it is taking to finalize the conversion from the Sequent to the Sun. Mark’s plan will have us ready to do the Banner 2.1.X upgrades and conversion to Enterprise 3000 by the weekend of March 7 to 10, but this depends on how readily referential integrity can be applied to the Banner database, since this is a prerequisite for installing Banner 2.1.5.
BANNER UPDATES: FINANCE AND HUMAN RESOURCES Karen Wade reported that these modules are mostly in the maintenance and on-going training phase now, but there are still a few areas remaining to be implemented.

Mistee Arias pointed out that they are looking for ways to make the manual procedures more efficient by taking advantage of features provided in Banner. As Mailen Kootsey stated, people are looking forward to the GUI interface for its improved ease of use.
BANNER UPDATES: DEVELOPMENT David Burghart reported ongoing frustration with missing or incorrect data in reports. It is expected that some of these problems will be resolved in the very near future when gift history is loaded. Other problems are being worked on.
[*]OTHER ITEMS: EMAIL ADDRESS RELEASE Changes have been implemented to include email addresses in the Bulletin. It was agreed that Working Policy ought to be amended to reflect this change. David Penner moved and Harvey Brenneise seconded the following motion.

Voted: To recommend that the definition of Directory Information given in Section 2:151:3 of the Working Policy be amended to be what is published in the directory sections of the official Andrews University Bulletin.
OTHER ITEMS: ADDRESS DATA ADMINISTRATION David Heise reported that a meeting has been called inviting all interested parties to discuss name and address issues, standards and procedures. This group, or a subset of it, will revise the Data Entry Standards Handbook in the light of changes to postal regulations and the distributed nature of the way Banner data is used and maintained.


Chair: Ed Wines

Secretary: David Heise



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