Administrative Computing Committee

February 26, 1997 1:30pm


Ed Wines, Chair; David Heise, Secretary; Mistee Arias, David Burghart, Rich Forrester, Kendall Hill, Dean Hunt, Lisa Jardine, Mailen Kootsey, Doug Miller, Robert Moon, David Penner, Sue Schwab, Karen Wade, Linda Wysong
PRAYER Karen Wade
MINUTES APPROVED The minutes of the January 29, 1997 meeting were approved.

MEMBERSHIP CHANGES Ed Wines noted that Bob Robinson and Merle Bascom no longer serve on this committee, and that Linda Wysong and Mistee Arias have joined it as new members.
FINANCIAL AID REPORT David Heise introduced this topic with a brief summary of a meeting where Financial Aid staff and support staff were called to meet with the Deans.

Doug Miller reported that processing of the Perkins loans is still taking place, and that all other aid that can be disbursed without further documentation has been processed. Reports as at the end of February show allow valid comparisons with prior years, and other types of analysis. Financial Aid for the Spring Quarter will still be an estimate to some extent, since it has to be based on the data held in the Access database. This is expected to add to the processing time in Melody Chambers' area, since third quarter requires concrete figures, not just estimates.
BANNER UPDATES: FINANCIAL AID & IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE Sue Schwab reported that development was proceeding on the Sequent using the PROD database, but that it was handicapped a little since referential integrity was not enabled there. Jason Loucks is finishing up the non-Banner loose ends, with help from Mailen Kootsey. The implementation schedule that was presented was very tight, and showed the best possible outcome, assuming no holdups. Sue will be very heavily committed in order to achieve this schedule. (A copy is attached to the official minutes.)

Dean Hunt expressed appreciation for the efforts being put in by the support staff, and concern about the impact of any glitches. It was noted in this context by Ed Wines that the administrator for the Administrative System and the Oracle database, Limin Guo, had resigned, effective March 28. Negotiations were taking place to see if Limin could stay longer to help through the Banner upgrade and platform conversion.
BANNER UPDATES: ALUMNI Lisa Jardine gave a positive report of progress in Alumni and Development. All gift history has been loaded, except for 400 entries with duplicate problems. Leo Chan expects these to be resolved by Friday this week. Also, Leo will have completed the address load by Friday this week. Lisa is cleaning up the data that was corrupted by the spouse degree bug, and expects to complete that also by Friday this week.

David Burghart reported concern about meeting some major reporting deadlines. The effort to load and clean the data is nearing completion. Now the attention needs to be on writing the reports. Lisa and Leo will start doing that using Microsoft Access after the TCP Conference.
BANNER UPDATES: STUDENT Sue Schwab reported that departments are now successfully run their own lists. The Computer Center is able to do label runs for the required population selections, and data loads are being verified. Still to do are grade entry, grade mailers and transcripts. Aldy Hernandez will be needed to help with some of these.

David Penner expressed concerns about the plans to do the Banner upgrade and platform conversion over the March 21-23 weekend, but agreed that there would be similar concerns over any chosen weekend. There was some discussion about the need to have a transcript as professional looking as possible, and the need to avoid having multiple "interim" transcripts.
BANNER UPDATES: FINANCE AND HUMAN RESOURCES Karen Wade reported that her involvement in Finance and HR continues to be in training, reporting, maintenance and trouble shooting. Linda Wysong expressed major concerns with our current Time and Attendance system, and requested that this be given urgent attention. It is hoped that there will be vendors of these systems at the coming TCP Conference.
CONVERSION & IMPLEMENTATION PLAN David Heise presented a project chart that included tasks for the Banner upgrade from 2.0.x to 2.1.x, the platform conversion to the Enterprise 3000, and the implementation of Financial Aid in Banner. The chart was built assuming the best possible outcomes, partly in order to be able to report the earliest possible date that we might be able to return the borrowed Sun machine. Any delay at all will cause slippage in targeted dates.
[*]PC SUPPORT PROPOSAL David Heise presented ideas that had arisen from discussions in the Computer Center relating to service and pricing models. Three new PC support positions have been approved in the 97-98 budget, but the budget for recovered costs has risen by $166,000. This can only be achieved through a major change in the way the Computer Center charges for its services, including but not restricted to its charge out rates. There were two parts to the proposal:
1. 2-tier pricing, favoring standardized hardware and software
2. An annual "Connectivity Services Fee" charged to all networked PCs
The first part of the proposal was accepted as valid and desirable as a means for improving the productivity of service personnel and the quality of service provided. There was considerable opposition to the second part of the proposal, based on resistance to further "socialization" of costs.


Chair: Ed Wines

Secretary: David Heise



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