Administrative Computing Committee

June 30, 1997 3:30pm

Members Present

Mailen Kootsey, Chair; David Heise, Secretary; Mistee Arias, Mark Clayton, Lois Forrester, Rich Forrester, Lisa Jardine


Mailen Kootsey

Minutes of Previous Meeting


General Updates:
Sale of Sequent

David Heise gave a brief report describing work being done to remove our dependence on the Sequent. Porting the software that communicates with the Time Clocks from the Sequent to another platform is proving to be the most difficult of these projects. One company has been found that is willing to purchase the Sequent, and has made an offer of $6,000. Others are being sought.

General Updates:
New name for AUCC

The Andrews University Computing Center (AUCC) has officially changed its name to Information Technology Services (ITS). David Heise briefly described the rationale for the name change, and outlined the internal restructuring that has occurred. ITS is organized into 4 groups, as follows:

  • Client Services - Lorena Bidwell
  • Networks & Servers - Dan Cress
  • Administrative Systems - To be Hired
  • Telecommunications - Vivien Oxley

Check the attached organization chart.

[*]General Updates:
PC Theft Control

David Heise reported that the installation of PC locking devices is virtually complete. Kits suitable for locking laptops have been installed as well as those for desktops. Purchase and installation costs new kits that are installed beyond this point in time will be billed to the client departments.

General Updates:
Programming Manager

ITS is looking to hire a new manager for the Administrative Systems group. David Heise reported that Mark Clayton has stepped aside from the position of Programming Manager to take over the role of Database Administrator (DBA) previously cared for by Limin Guo. The job announcement was published electronically, but missed the deadline for most of the church papers for the month of June. We have had only a limited response so far, so we are hoping for more interest in the position after the July issue of the church papers appear.

General Updates:
Time & Attendance

Pressure continues to mount for the replacement of the in-house Time and Attendance system. Several vendors have been contacted. David Heise reported that Edgar Vega will coordinate meetings between vendors and Andrews staff.

Banner Updates

Lisa Jardine reported that much good progress has been accomplished in Alumni/Development. The hand entry of good addresses has been completed, the gifts data integrity errors have been corrected, spouse major/minor errors have been corrected, and the tape for Harris Alumni Publishing is being created. However, there is still much to do. The adjustment form is not working properly, and there are still data confidence problems to overcome, as well as many reporting inadequacies.

David Heise reported on progress towards the upgrade from Banner 2.0.x to 2.1.x. Two weekends were suggested as possibilities for performing the upgrade - July 25-27 and August 22-24. This table shows the status of the Banner upgrade.

The Yellow Sheet

Maintenance of the Yellow Sheet continues to be an expensive maintenance exercise, but recent changes to registration procedures have made it possible to do without this form. However, it still serves the useful purpose of giving an indication of student debt after financial aid has been applied. Banner can provide this directly, but only if the student accounts are charged with the fees at registration, rather than after "drop/add". This would generate a lot of undesirable activity in the student's financial records. Another possibility that Mailen Kootsey will investigate is whether Student Accounts staff can be given read access to a Financial Aid screen that computes the amount of aid a student will receive.

[*]Account Terminations

Lack of formal account termination procedures for people with Redwood accounts exposes the University to security risks. It was agreed make the following requests from Human Resources and Student Labor:

  1. Report of all terminations since January
  2. Report of all currently employed students, as at April 1
  3. Monthly report of all terminations
  4. Notification to Administrative Systems, ITS on termination

Banner Modifications

Mailen Kootsey raised the issue of lost productivity due to poorly fitting Banner screens, and suggested the discussions should be held to review the decision to leave Banner in its "vanilla" form. It was agreed that this should be done, but not until Banner was fully installed to the GUI version. It was also suggested that in the analysis leading up to any recommendation, changes to procedures should be considered along with changes to the software.



Chair: J Mailen Kootsey

Secretary: David Heise