Administrative Computing Committee

April 15, 1998 3:30pm

Members Present

Mailen Kootsey, Chair; David Heise, Secretary; Keith Clouten, Dan Cress, Gary Dickerson, Rich Forrester, Doug Miller, Robert Moon


Apologies were received from Mistee Arias, Kendall Hill,Lisa Jardine, Rebecca May, Emilio García-Marenko


Rich Forrester

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Two errors were noted in the minutes of the previous meeting, which approved pending correction.

Banner Completion Milestones

David Heise suggested that this item be deferred until the next meeting, when there would a more complete attendance. Bob Moon raised a question relating to standard reports required by the Federal Government not being in Banner. Gary Dickerson has seen discussion on the list about PELL reporting, but Doug Miller learned at the Summit in San Diego that this will not be available until August 98, for the 1999-2000 school year.

SCT Summit 98

Committee member who attended the Summit gave reports of their impressions of the sessions, things they learned and people they met, and follow-up contacts they have made.

Banner Updates

Doug Miller reported that Financial Aid is months ahead of where they were last year. There is 50% or better more aid on account at each checkpoint compared with last year. They are 3 months ahead on sending out letters.

[*]Data Entry Standards

A number of areas needing attention were identified:

  1. Inconsistencies/anomalies - Jim Massena is a good resource for documenting these.
  2. Banner validation rules tables - these need to be documented and understood better.
  3. Address Types and Hierarchies - there seems to have been a lack of control in assigning and using new address types. What they mean and how they should be used needs to be researched and documented, and taught to staff.
  4. Name changes - there have been some unfortunate instances of unauthorized name changes. Clear rules and procedures need to be developed and taught.
  5. Duplicate PIDMS - preventing these is a problem requiring eternal vigilance to keep it from getting out of hand. Detecting them is not too difficult, but correcting them requires some very complex and risky procedures.

The committee took 3 actions:

  1. Linda Wysong will initiate a Total Quality Improvement approach to solving the problem.
  2. Gary Dickerson will supervise analyzing and documenting address hierarchies and uses.
  3. Anyone requesting Banner update access will be required to take training.



Chair: J Mailen Kootsey

Secretary: David Heise