Administrative Computing Committee

May 13, 1998 3:30pm

Members Present Mailen Kootsey, Chair; David Heise, Secretary; Mistee Arias, Keith Clouten, Dan Cress, Gary Dickerson, Kendall Hill, Lisa Jardine, Doug Miller, Robert Moon, Emilio Garcia-Marenko, Sue Schwab
Apologies Rich Forrester
Prayer Mailen Kootsey
Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Acknowledgements David Heise began with a general acknowledgement of the good work done in Banner implementation to date. Then he specifically acknowledged the contribution Mailen Kootsey has made in administrative computing at Andrews University, serving as a member of this committee, and then as its chair. Ed Wines further noted the wide spanning vision that Mailen has brought to Andrews, with particular reference to the sciences and to business. The committee expressed their appreciation for Mailen's service and leadership in computing at Andrews.   This meeting was also the last time that Kendall Hill would be serving officially on this committee, prior to his retirement after a lifetime of service to Andrews University.  Ed Wines acknowledged the value of Kendall's contributions, and at the conclusion of the meeting, refreshments were served while members said their goodbyes to Mailen and to Kendall.
[*]Web and Email Policy Mailen Kootsey introduced a draft of the Web and Email Policy to this committee, mentioning that it had already received some discussion in the Academic Computing Committee. The committee worked through the whole policy, and after discussion, revisions were noted in Mailen’s copy. Mailen will make the suggested revisions.
[*]Data Entry Gary Dickerson reported that he has staff working on a revision to the Data Entry Standards Manual, and will be ready to supply it shortly. He will also be giving attention to the issue of training.
Other Items Robert Moon reported that the Deans' Council has requested report by faculty that would assist in work load balancing and budgeting

Kendall Hill asked about the status of developing formal procedures for requesting software development and modifications.

Chair: J Mailen Kootsey

Secretary: David Heise