Administrative Computing Committee

October 22, 1998 3:30pm

Members Present David Heise, Chair; Gary Dickerson, Secretary; Mistee Arias, Rich Forrester, Lois Forrester (for Emilio Garcia-Marenko), Rebecca May, Robert Moon, Sue Schwab, Steve Sowder, Ed Wines
Members Absent Derek Bradfield, Dan Cress, Ron Herr, Elaine Hoilette, Lisa Jardine, Pat Mutch
Prayer David Heise
Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Banner Gary Dickerson reported on the progress that is being made toward the Banner 3.0 (GUI) upgrade. The software has been in a limited testing since September 1st and the testing seems to be going well. There is a tentative date of November 26th for an upgrade date. Character mode and GUI will both be available. To run the GUI mode the user's computer must be on Windows 95/NT. Also a handout was available that showed the projected schedule of both Banner 3.0 and on-line registration through Banner Web products. The Banner Web is up in a test environment and has started some alpha testing. Bob Moon raised a concern about the ability to get needed reports from Banner. He is concerned that some reports cannot be generated from Banner and that we need to come up with a short-term solution. One way that this need could be meet is with a data warehouse but there were concerns that it would take too long to implement a data warehouse and a quicker solution needed to be found.
Y2K David Heise reported that a Y2K committee had been formed. The committee had put together a inventory database to catalog and then track hardware and software to make sure AU addressed Y2K. It will also be used to record and track equipment with embedded chips and external entities such as financial institutions, providers of goods and services, etc. The ITS PC Support group has already inventoried most of the PCs on campus and this information is contained in the database. The next step is for the database to be sent to each of the department chairs so that software on the machines in their department can be inventoried, especially custom applications.
[*]Web Proxy and Filtering David Heise reported that the President’s Cabinet had decided that internet access at AU should be filtered for certain contents. The student dormitories are already being filtered. This will be implemented incrementally across campus. A sheet that gave instructions on how a user’s web browser would have to be altered to still allow access to the internet was handed out. This will bring some advantages by allowing web caching.
Data Warehouse Gary Dickerson reported that since the data warehouse would be built almost exclusively with data from Banner that it could be built under our limited SCT Oracle license. David Heise reported that a Data Warehouse committee had been formed and was working on how to implement a data warehouse at AU. Ed Wines requested that the Data Warehouse committee come to the next meeting with a definitive proposal with a timeline.
Andrews Web David Heise reported that the Web Coordinator position had been filled by two people. Jerry Burr 60% and Sharon Prest 40%. They are located in the public relations building and report to Doug Jones.
Time & Attendance David Heise and Gary Dickerson reported that a letter had been received from SCT that stated a third party had been contracted to develop an interface between SCT’s Banner and Kronos’ Timekeeper Central. No definite date has been set but it is projected to be completed in 1999. This could allow two-way integration of Banner with our clock system though we would have to upgrade our Kronos clocks and purchase the Timekeeper Central software.
Electronic Calendar Sue Schwab asked what was happening in the area of campus wide electronic calendars. David Heise reported that some products had been evaluated but so far none had been found that were robust enough or manageable enough for the size of campus. Ed Wines questioned whether this could be implemented in small groups until a campus wide solution could be found.
Next Meeting Next meeting was scheduled for November 24th at 3:30pm


Chair: David Heise


Secretary: Gary Dickerson