Administrative Computing Committee

November 23, 1998 3:00pm

Members Present David Heise, Chair; Gary Dickerson, Secretary, Derek Bradfield, Rich Forrester, Lois Forrester (for Emilio Garcia-Marenko), Ron Herr, Lisa Jardine, Rebecca May, Steve Sowder, Ed Wines
Members Absent Dan Cress, Elaine Hoilette, Pat Mutch; Mistee Arias, Robert Moon, Sue Schwab
Prayer Rich Forrester
Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
Banner Report Gary Dickerson reported that Student history has been brought over to Banner this last weekend. Lisa Jardine asked if there were anyway that the degree/academic history in the Alumni module could be synchronized with the Student module. Gary Dickerson also reported that over Thanksgiving vacation Banner will be upgraded to the 3.X version.
[*]Charter/Charge/ Scope David Heise reported that he was asked by the President’s Council to provide statements of what the responsibility of the different computer committees were.

Responsibility of the Administrative Computer Committee:

  • Rich Forrester Providing directions in use of technology, addresses issues
  • Pat Mutch Telephone reception strategies
  • Rebecca May Provide recommendations for the training and staff development with regard to administrative computing.
  • Rebecca May Standards for hardware/software purchases
  • Pat Mutch Providing guidance to the Data Warehouse Steering Committee and other committees dealing with the custodian functions of the administrative data.
  • David Heise Oversee the planning of computer capital spending by the ITS department.

Samples from two other institutions were presented for ideas.  Gary Dickerson and David Heise will take the input from today's meeting and prepare a draft charter for next meeting.

[*]Policies, Standards & Procedures David Heise showed where the policies, standards and procedures for Administrative Computing will appear on the web. Next meeting there will be a review of some new areas that are in a draft form.
Computer Capital David Heise showed a spreadsheet of the proposed spending of capital by the ITS department. David went down through the spreadsheet explaining the individual items. Imaging for archive purposes and integration with Banner was discussed as a possible need in the near future.
Next Meeting TBD





Chair: David Heise





Secretary: Gary Dickerson