Administrative Computing Committee

April 6, 1999 3:30pm

Members Present David Heise, Chair; Gary Dickerson, Secretary, Rich Forrester, Emilio Garcia-Marenko, Steve Sowder, Sue Schwab, Dan Cress, Ron Herr, Ed Wines, David Penner
Members Absent Elaine Hoilette, Robert Moon, Pat Mutch; Lisa Jardine, Rebecca May
Prayer David Heise
Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.
Banner Summit99 Conference (Campus Pipeline, Banner 4.0 and Workflow, Data Warehousing) David Heise reported on the Banner Summit99.

Campus Pipeline is now being offered by SCT that sits on top of the Banner Web products. Campus Pipeline is scheduled to provide centralized password control and other extended functionality beyond what SCT currently provides. Since we have a license for Banner Web for Student we are entitled to a free license for Campus Pipeline.

Banner 4.0 is built on a workflow model. To use workflow the Banner processes must be analyzed and then they can be implemented in Banner 4.0. It is currently due to be released in September. Banner 4.0 will come with best practices workflows for the different processes. These processes can be used as is or modified to fit our requirements. Character mode will not be supported in 4.0. Forms will be web-enabled. Imaging was discussed and how it could be used with Banner 4.0 and how it could be used now.

David Heise reported on his presentation at Summit99 dealing with data warehousing. Web for Executives is now available from SCT. It is a Executive Information System and not a full-fledged data warehouse.

Banner Reports (Gary, area coordinators) Gary Dickerson, Sue Schwab and Emilio Garcia-Marenko reported on Web Registration. 68 students were at least partially registered during the pre-registration period. The regular registration is still in process and numbers are not known at this time. Many members of the committee voiced support to set as a goal the ability of the student to do all of the registration process on the web.
[*]Institutional Data Access Policy Gary Dickerson presented a proposed policy for inactive Banner users. It has been proposed that Banner users that have not been logged on in the last 90 days would be removed from the system. It was agreed by the committee that this be instituted. If a user has been paid in the last 28 days that system would send them an email telling them they had a week to go to a particular web site to keep from being removed from the system. Also presented was a new Institutional Data Access Policy that will be reviewed by the committee members and any comments or changes will be brought to the next meeting.
Web Policy David Heise presented, for informational purposes, the Web Policy that will be presented at the next Web committee.
Next Meeting May 4th 1999 at 3:30 pm



Chair: David Heise



Secretary: Gary Dickerson