Administrative Computing Committee

May 4, 1999 3:45pm

Members Present David Heise, Chair; Gary Dickerson, Secretary, Emilio Garcia-Marenko, Steve Sowder, Sue Schwab, Dan Cress, Ron Herr, Ed Wines
Members Absent Rich Forrester, Elaine Hoilette, Robert Moon, David Penner, Pat Mutch; Lisa Jardine, Rebecca May, Derek Bradfield
Prayer Emilio Garcia-Marenko
Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.
NCA Visit and IT "inspection" David Heise reported that a NCA representative, Raymond Neff from Case Western Reserve University, has been interviewing the ITS management team. David reported on some of the things that we have learned from talking to the Mr. Neff. One idea that came out from the discussion was that we should try to determine if some of the effort needed to convert the scripts for semester conversion would be more wisely used in developing a data warehouse that would provide the same functionality.
Web Registration, Advising, and QIT Emilio Garcia-Marenko reported that QIT has heard both sides of the issues whether the web registration should be student-driven or advisor-driven. The QIT is in favor of a student-driven model but some concerns were raised by Linda Closser. The QIT meet with Linda Closser and started a dialog to hear both sides. One of the concerns about not having the adviser-driven model was the affect of semester conversion.
Banner Reports (Gary, area coordinators) Gary Dickerson reported that student statements have been revised to a new format as requested by ARF and the new format includes bar coding of the zip code in the mailing address. Receipts are being modified to work with a laser printer and full sized sheets.
[*]Institutional Data Access Policy The Institutional Data Access Policy was reviewed. There were many improvements and changes suggested. David Heise, Gary Dickerson and Brad Christensen will work on incorporating the suggestions. Changes to the web page to keep Banner access were suggested. It was also requested that the user be forced to accept the Institutional Data Access Policy before being presented with the form for reactivating their Banner account.

A report was given also from the results of eliminating Banner users who have not logged on for 90 days. Before this policy we had over 1000 users and this has been reduced to approximately 300 users. Work is also being done to reduce the number of Redwood user accounts since these are not required with Banner GUI.

Password sharing was also discussed. It is currently a common practice in some areas to either have a user share their password with another user or have one user logging on for another user. Some of the concerns are that this gives a user privileges that they have not been authorized for. Also for actions where the current user is logged in the database, the user information is inaccurate and does not leave a true audit trail. The new Institutional Data Access Policy strictly forbids this type of activity but does not define what will happen to those that violate the policy. Though no official action was taken it was determined that educating the users in this area would help to eliminate some of these practices.

It was also recommended by Ed Wines that the final draft of the Institutional Data Access Policy be reviewed by legal council.

Next Meeting June 1st 1999 at 3:30 pm



Chair: David Heise



Secretary: Gary Dickerson