Administrative Computing Committee

June 1, 1999 3:30pm

Members Present David Heise, Chair; Gary Dickerson, Secretary, Steve Sowder, Sue Schwab, Dan Cress, Lisa Jardine, Rich Forrester, David Penner, Emilio Garcia-Marenko
Members Absent Elaine Hoilette, Robert Moon, Pat Mutch; Rebecca May, Derek Bradfield, Ron Herr, Ed Wines
Prayer Lisa Jardine
Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.
Web Registration, Advising, and QIT Gary Dickerson, Sue Schwab, and David Heise reported on the presentation to the QIC on web registration. A description of how the web registration will be delivered in the future. This fall the web registration will be held through the advisors. There will be training sessions throughout the summer for the advisors. The semester following semester conversion will see another change to the web registration process that will implement an advisor hold. This advisor hold will be at the advisor’s discretion and will allow for student self registration.
[*]Institutional Data Access Policy The institutional data access policy was reviewed and approved for implementation.
Y2K David Heise reported on how the Y2K data collection is proceeding for the campus. One area of concern is that many of the PCs that are not compliant do not have an Impact code or a Fix Strategy. A letter is being sent out to try and get the information included in the data collection so that reports could be produced to help determine a campus wide strategy and impact.

There was a discussion about Compliance Status code 2. It may be possible to make some code 2 machines compliant just by resetting the date manually but this may not work on all machines. What the impact code is for a machine with a code 2 will help determine what the fix strategy may be. If they are critical the fix strategy should probably be to replace. If it is not critical then other strategies may be employed.

It is hoped that the number of PC purchases can be determined by June 15th.   The price of $1,025 per machine is based on an order of at least 200 machines.   About 70% of the 982 machines currently in the database have been tested to be Y2K compliant.

Next Meeting July 6th 1999 at 3:30 pm



Chair: David Heise



Secretary: Gary Dickerson