Administrative Computing Committee

October 5, 1999 3:30pm

Members Present David Heise, Chair; Gary Dickerson, Secretary; Richard Forrester, Marlene Jorgensen, Lisa Jardine, Sue Schwab, Steve Sowder
Members Absent Derek Bradfield, Dan Cress, Emilio Garcia-Marenko, Elaine Hoilette, Rebecca May, Robert Moon, Pat Mutch, David Penner, Ed Wines
Prayer Sue Schwab
Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.
National Techies Day David Heise talked about today being the first National Techies Day. A lunch time event was coordinated through ITS Client Services for all  information technology support staff and faculty and students who have technical supervisor roles across campus. Over 50 people attended the lunch, which also served as a kickoff meeting for holding future support staff meetings.
Y2K Update David Heise reported that the check sheet had been sent out to the departments and some of them have been returned. All computers that had been targeted for replacement have been replaced. We have been selected randomly by the Department of Education for a second round of questions to check on our Y2K compliance.
Strategic Information Technologies at AU David Heise gave brief summaries on each item on a list of 15 strategic information technologies that have been requested from ITS. The list will be placed on the web with one page summaries for each item. An email will be sent out to each committee member asking them to pick the five items they believe to be most important strategically for Andrews.. The responses are to be emailed to Gary Dickerson to be tabulated and reported at our next meeting.
Registration Update Sue Schwab was told by the Records Office that they noticed that the registration lines were shorter. A problem that was seen is that the collection of addresses needs improvement. There was also a problem with the way the the web and the client interfaces handle counts of repeated classes differently . These and other items will be reviewed and the processes improved.  There has been a very positive reaction to registration this Fall, which is gratifying considering the effort that went into preparing the technology, the advisors, and other staff for web registration.
[*]Data Quality QIT David Heise reported that Linda Wysong will be the facilitator for the Data Quality QIT.
Next Meeting November 2nd 1999 at 3:30 pm


Chair: David Heise

Secretary: Gary Dickerson