Administrative Computing Committee

August 1, 2000 3:30pm

Members Present David Heise, Chair; Gary Dickerson, Secretary;  Marlene Jorgensen, Sue Schwab, Steve Sowder,  Ed Wines
Members Absent Derek Bradfield, Dan Cress, Emilio Gracia-Marenko, Ron Herr, Elaine Hoilette, Lisa Jardine, Pat Mutch, Sharyl Turon
Prayer Sue Schwab
Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.
[*]NT Server Policies David Heise reported that there have been some additional developments so this item will be tabled until a future meeting.  Currently members from ITS Servers and Networks and ITS PC Support are at a conference about supporting NT and UNIX in a single environment.  One of the main issues that they are looking at is how to easily maintain user accounts for both systems.
Update on Web for Employees

Web for Employees has been installed on TEST, and Gary Dickerson gave a demonstration of some of the features of this new product.  Human Resources personnel will examine the features that are available, and will develop policies that govern what features employees will be able to use or have access to.  Staff in ITS will work with Human Resources to ensure that the policies developed can be implemented.  Once the policies are complete, and those investigations are carried out, the product can be implemented and made live, and announced to the campus.

Update on CBORD System  An engineer from CBORD came out and did a site survey to determine readiness for the new upgrade.  It looks like everything is in good shape.  We have not determined an actual installation date yet but it looks like it will be sometime this Fall.  The new system will allow us to query information held in the database, so we will be able to programmatically check balances.  We will also have expanded capabilities to do vending options (i.e. copy machines, snack and pop machines).  The new CBORD server will be located in the ITS machine room instead of the cafeteria office.
Update on Time and Attendance All of the clocks have been received.  Most of the software for communication with the clocks has been developed.  We will begin laying new wiring for the installation of the new clocks soon but they will not be able to be used immediately.
Update on Oracle 8i The new database server is in place.  Some of the TEST instances have been moved over and it seems to work correctly.  The production version of the database should be moved over by August 13.  This should lighten some of the load on Redwood, and should help avoid some of the slowdowns that we have experienced during heavy use times such as registration.  Also the disk array for the database server is a RAID system, so it has redundancy which will improve the reliability of the database. 
Update on Data Warehousing The data warehouse server is in but not yet installed.  We have started a pilot program for the data warehouse.  The pilot program deals with key academic indicators.
Oracle Application Server The Oracle Application Server (OAS) is used to serve the Banner 'Web For' products (Web for Students and Web for Employees).  This has been running on Redwood but a separate server has been purchased to move this to.  This should also help with the speed of the system especially during heavy use times.  The OAS server will be up before registration starts.
Next Meeting September 5th, 2000 at 3:30 p.m.


Chair: David Heise

Secretary: Gary Dickerson