Administrative Computing Committee

April 17th, 2001 3:30pm

Members Present David Heise, Chair; Gary Dickerson, Secretary;  Derek Bradfield,  Dan Cress, Emilio Gracia-Marenko, Ron Herr, Lisa Jardine, Sue Schwab, Steve Sowder, Sharyl Turon
Members Absent Elaine Hoilette, Marlene Jorgensen, Pat Mutch, Ed Wines
Prayer Sharyl Turon
Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.
Report from SCT Road show and Summit 2001 Gary Dickerson reported on three of the products that where demonstrated at the SCT Road Show.  e-Print is a product for distributing standard Banner reports electronically.  XtenderSolution, the imaging product from SCT's partner OTG, was also described.  SCT Connected Learning Solution, a product to integrate Banner with WebCT, was also demonstrated at the Road Show.

David Heise reported on what he observed at the SCT Summit 2001.  He attended a meeting on Banner 5.0 and said that it seemed that there would be no drastic changes for the end user.  It was also reported at the Summit that the new Banner replacement (RLS) was being developed in J2EE.  At last year's conference, RLS was announced as a replacement for Banner.  However, this year they reported that Banner will continue as a product, and institutions can choose to stay with Banner or migrate to RLS.

David also attended a meetings on workflow and on managing change.  It was stressed on several occasions to "think big, start small" when implementing workflows, and that good value can be achieved from workflows with as few as 2 steps.

A discussion was held about why the attendance by Andrews University personnel was so low at the most recent Summit, while other institutions, including our sister institutions on Banner, continue to send 8 to 10 attendees.  Only two individuals attended and they were both from ITS.  The consensus seemed to be that our users have mastered or grown accustomed to doing their jobs in Banner, and don't feel the need to take the time to look at what others are doing with Banner.  It was suggested again that a consultant might be contracted to come and observe our usage of Banner and make recommendations on how we might improve.

Update on new Oracle server Dan Bidwell reported that Sun have just announced a new discount offer for higher education.  The Blade 1000 model 750 is offered in a deal where you buy two and get one free.  That is, we would get three machines for $34,000, but we only need one.  Dan has sent an email to the sda-mis-directors list inviting others to join us in a purchase.  The model 600 at $7,500 is very good value, better than the discounted 750, and if nothing comes of Dan's email, then an order will be placed for a 600.
[*]Computers & Network policy David Heise presented some revisions to the Computers & Networks Policy for review. 
(Underlined words have been added)

1:762:13 3.a Unauthorized access to or use of other users' accounts, system software, university data, or other computer systems.

1:762:13 3.f Attempts to evade or bypass system administration policies, such as resource quotas, firewall and web filter settings.

1:762:36 7 The operating systems and configurations of such servers must be maintained in a way that minimizes the risk of security breaches.  From time to time, University network administrators will make arrangements with departmental server hackers.  Should a security risk be discovered, for which there is a tested solution, the department will be required to apply the approved solution, and a date will be set for a retest.  If appropriate action is not taken in a timely manner, the Chief Information Officer will notify the department through the appropriate Vice president that the server will be removed from the University network. (This is a new clause but it was suggested that it could be substantially shortened, and added to the previous clause in the policy.  David Heise will bring a re-worded statement back to the next committee.)

Ron Herr suggested that a policy be added that requires approval of administrative software that is installed on University owned computers.  David Heise will determine the appropriate place for such a statement in the existing policy, and will propose wording for the next meeting.

Setting up a Disaster Recovery Planning sub-committee David Heise presented a document that had the process for developing a Business Resumption Planning (a.k.a. Disaster Recovery Planning).  It is the primary responsibility of ITS but is not exclusively.

Suggested members for the planning team included, Dan Cress, Gary Dickerson, Sue Schwab, Karen Wade, Allan Freed, Dorothea Sarli, Brad Christensen, and David Heise.

IT Strategic Planning and Prioritizing David Heise reported that some funds that had been set aside for capital will not be spent this fiscal year, in particular, $100,000 for document imaging.  It needs to be decided if these funds are going to be reallocated this fiscal year or carried over to the next fiscal year.  ITS will come back to the next meeting with list of new prioritized list of capital projects.
Next Meeting May 1st, 2001 at 3:30 p.m.


Chair: David Heise

Secretary: Gary Dickerson