Administrative Computing Committee

May 1st, 2001 3:30pm

Members Present David Heise, Chair; Gary Dickerson, Secretary;  Dan Cress, Emilio García-Marenko, Ron Herr, Marlene Jorgensen, Sue Schwab,  Sharyl Turon
Members Absent Derek Bradfield,  Elaine Hoilette, Lisa Jardine, Pat Mutch, Steve Sowder, Ed Wines
Prayer Emilio García-Marenko
Minutes of Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved with appropriate corrections.
Recommendations on Capital Spending David Heise presented a report that showed proposed projects for the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year to be funded from the ITS capital budget (organization 5154).  At present, there is approximately $140,000 remaining from the current year and carryover from previous years.  Plus, an allocation of $155,000 has been approved for the fiscal year 2002.  As the table shows, projects that have been suggested come to a total projected cost of $568,00.  Following a brief review and discussion of the projects, a first pass proposal was made to distribute the $295,000 that is available among the most pressing projects.
Disaster Recovery David Heise reported that he has emailed a request for a meeting for the sub-committee for the Disaster Recovery Plan.  In the email are links to some appropriate sites for disaster recovery.  A meeting time will be determined in the near future.
[*]Revisions to Computers & Network Policy David Heise presented a revised Computers and Network policy to incorporate suggestions from the previous meeting.  Questions were raised about the definition of the phrase "supporting administrative functions".  It was decided to keep the wording as it is but taking steps to make sure the intent is clearly communicated to end-users.  

The changes were voted and approved.

Data Warehouse Gary Dickerson reported that five data cubes have been developed.  A demonstration was given last week to members of the pilot committee.  There are at least two more cubes to be developed.
Next Meeting June 5th, 2001 at 3:30 p.m.


Chair: David Heise

Secretary: Gary Dickerson