Proposed Email Filtering Policy

Andrews University will, as needed, filter objectionable email such as unsolicited commercial email, email spreading viruses, and email containing inappropriate references to pornography.   Decisions regarding the methods and criteria to be used to filter email shall be made by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or his/her designee and communicated to the Academic and Administrative Computing Committees.

Proposed Appeal Procedure

Appeals to decisions made regarding any Computer and Networks Policy shall first be taken through the appropriate managerial levels up through the CIO.  Issues that cannot be resolved through this method may be brought to an ad hoc appeals committee composed of three members from the Academic Computing Committee and three members from the Administrative Computing Committee.  This ad hoc committee shall have authority to reverse decisions made and recommend policy changes. The appeals committee shall elect its own chairperson.   The appeal process begins with a request to the chairperson of either computing committee.