Summary of Quality Improvement Recommendations

Based on Baldrige Criteria

by John Jasinski
June 1, 2001

These notes capture the essential points elucidated by a team of administrators lead by John Jasinski.  See his PowerPoint presentation entitled "Performance Excellence at Andrews University".

Celebrate Strengths!

People, History, Students, legacy of influencing the world


Category 1 - Leadership

Have direction, are committed to mission

Category 2 - Strategic Planning

Have a strategic plan!

Category 3 - Student/Stakeholder Market Focus

Serve students and stakeholders

Category 4 - Information and Analysis [*]

Have a lot of information!

Category 5 - Faculty/Staff Focus

Training, Development, Satisfaction

Category 6 - Process Management

Curricular process

Category 7 - Organizational Performance Results


Category 1 - Leadership

1.  Understand student segments

2.  Understand student requirements

3.  Identify key stakeholders and their requirements

4.  Understand market position

5.  Identify Key Factors that Determine Your Success

     These will drive:

      Process improvement


      Data collection (score card) [*]

      Decision making

6.  Identify key strategic challenges

7.  Adopt an improvement format



8.  Communicate Strategies


     Include staff in communication

9.  Identify Key Indicators

     Process for organizational performance review

          Week, month, year

          Communicate findings

10.  Review findings and translate into actions (see #9)

Category 2 - Strategic Planning

11.  Identify strategic planning process

12.  Need short-term focus and action plans

       Use one process/model for actions

13.  Link resources to plan priorities

14.  Link HR plans to priorities

15.  Have some key indicators to track plan performance (see category 1, #9) [*]

Category 4 - Information and Analysis

16.  User-friendly, availability

17.  Dashboard (red, green, yellow)

       Collect vs. Use/share

       Analysis paralysis

18.  Analysis for senior leader review

       “il” vs. “el”

       See category 1

       See category 7

19.  Communicate results

       See dashboard

       Pockets (financials)

         But student achievement?

20.  Data aggregation/use [*]

Category 5 - Faculty/Staff Focus

21.  More recognition opportunities; also research vs. learning

22.  Individual development plans to support strategic plan

23.  Faculty/Staff “separateness”

24.  Orientation/Training - Senior Leader presence and visitation

25.  Faculty/staff motivators and then satisfaction findings widely disseminated with

       proposed actions (findings linked to category 2)

Category 6 - Process Management

26.  Formative assessment (in process)

       Re: Ford/Firestone, FBI, Montgomery Ward

27.  Individual Styles . . .differing teaching methods

28.  Understanding market changes and responding in an agile manner

29.  Identify support and business processes and key requirements:

       Key requirements

       Key measures [*]



Overall Recommendations

Organizational Learning and Engagement

     Senior Leaders

     Cross-functional - vertical not horizontal


Organizational Focus (on the future)

    What’s key?

    12, 48, 213 no clear outcomes of strategic plan

    Who do we want to be?

    Quality improvement in the strategic plan?

    Management by fact [*]

    See Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

1.  Not as much shared information as hoped

2.  Facts need to be learned [*]

3.  Lack getting together to talk about university as a whole - cross-sections of the university

4.  Don’t have 3-4 key elements/drivers for success

5.  Don’t have factual basis for many decisions [*]

6.  Fear that we won’t take this learning away

7.  Marketing hasn’t been a focus - competition is out there

8.  Communication needs to be improved across campus

9.  When will we be able to look back and see projects in completion?

10.Cross-polinization across campus is needed - organizational learning is needed across campus

11.Customer Service is needed across campus

[*] David Heise note: I was struck by the number of references to fact-based decision making.

  1. All of Category 4 - Information and Analysis
  2. Category 1 - Leadership: Point 5: "Data collection (score card)"
  3. Category 2 - Strategic Planning: Point 15: "Have some key indicators to track plan performance"
  4. Category 4 - Information and Analysis: Point 20: "Data aggregation/use"
  5. Category 6 - Process Management: Point 29: "Key measures"
  6. Overall Recommendations: Management by fact
  7. Lessons Learned: Point 2: "Facts need to be learned"
  8. Lessons Learned: Point 5: "Don’t have factual basis for many decisions"

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