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2. A dynamic change-agent with skills in: ¬
(a) Planning and implementing change

2a1.2 Semester Conversion Steering Committee

Following a process of widespread discussion, Andrews University made the decision to move from the quarter system to the semester system.  In March 1998, a Steering Committee was appointed to oversee the work that would have to be done.  I was asked to serve on this committee, as well as to chair the Campus Support/Resources Subcommittee of the Steering Committee.  I created a web site for the subcommittee, and have noted in my time log the time spent working with each of these committees.

Membership of the Campus Support/Resources Subcommittee

Member Area Represented
David Heise ITS
Derek Bradfield Student Financial Services
Emilio García-Marenko Records Office
Gary Dickerson Administrative Systems
Linda K Closser Advising
Lois Forrester Records Office
Najeeb Nakhle International Students
Patricia Stewart Career Planning
Susan Schwab Banner Support

Reports and Minutes of the Campus Support/Resources Subcommittee

On Andrews Web
31-Mar-1998 Minutes
28-Apr-1998 Minutes
24-Jun-1998 Report for Steering Committee
02-Feb-1999 Minutes
09-Feb-1999 Minutes
17-Feb-1999 Report for Steering Committee
23-Feb-1999 Minutes
15-Mar-1999 Minutes
  Memo to Departments
10-Mar-2000 Minutes
  Conversion Progress

Time Log

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