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2. A dynamic change-agent with skills in:

2(a) Planning and implementing change

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1.   Participate in Andrews University Strategic Planning, promoting the use of information technologies such as data warehousing to act as a change agent through improved decision support.  Lead the Campus Support/Resources Subcommittee of the Semester Conversion Steering Committee.

1.   Andrews University planning processes:

1.1   Document involvement with Andrews University Strategic Planning.

1.2   Document involvement in Semester Conversion planning.

1.3   Document involvement with Andrews University computing committees.

2.   Initiate an annual Strategic Planning process in ITS.

2.   Include the ITS Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Strategic Plan, noting specific areas of alignment with Andrews University Strategic Plan. Reflect on the process of developing the strategic plan and the annual planning cycle.

3.   Take EDUC756 Advanced Study in Strategic Planning with Dr. David Penner.

3.   Submit papers prepared for the course. Document its application to planning processes in the university and in ITS.

4.   Take EDUC756 Advanced Study in Change Process with Dr. Hinsdale Bernard, and apply it with the implementation of data warehousing at Andrews.

4.   Based on principles learned in this course, document strategies used to plan and implement change at Andrews University through data warehousing.

5.   Journal responses and reactions to the process of implementing a Data Warehouse and the changes it makes possible. Include reactions to promises regarding Banner, meetings with Deans' Council, etc.

5.   Document the change process resulting from using data warehousing in strategic planning and decision support at Andrews University.  Use process reengineering methodologies to document current and reengineered systems.

6.   Read selections from the following books and magazines:

    ABCD's of Managing Change - Introduction to Performance Technology, Diane Dormant, 1986, suggested by Randy Siebold.

    Fast Company subscription.

    Managing Information Technology in Turbulent Times, Louis Fried, 1994.

6.   Prepare an annotated bibliography on the topic of change. Know who are the experts in the field, and the topics at the cutting edge of knowledge.  Reflect on each of the stages in John Kotter's change process.

7.   Attend a conference on Technology and Change.

7.   Write a journal to reflect on what I learned from the conference I attended, and communicate it with ITS management team.

Reflective Summary

1. Andrews University planning processes

2. The Strategic Planning process in ITS

3. EDUC756 Advanced Study: Strategic Planning

4. EDUC756 Advanced Study: Change Process

5. Impact of Data Warehousing at Andrews University

6. Annotated bibliography on change

7. A Technology and Change conference

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