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2. A dynamic change agent with skills in:
(a) Planning and implementing change

Time Log

2a4 EDUC756 Advanced Study: Change Process

   Date Description Elapsed Time
  15-Dec-00 Started web portfolio for this course, doing web search for literature survey. 3:00   
  16-Dec-00 Building list of web references on change. 5:15   
  20-Dec-00 Contacted Dr Bernard regarding requirements for this Advanced Study on Change Process 0:30   
  25-Dec-00 Began reading "Who Moved My Cheese" 0:30   
  26-Dec-00 Finished reading "Who Moved My Cheese" 0:30   
  27-Dec-00 Wrote some reflections in my portfolio (http://www.andrews.edu/leadership/Portfolio/dlh/comps/2a/4change/reflection.htm) on change, connecting thoughts in "Shadows of the Neanderthal", "Who Moved My Cheese?" and paradigm shifts. 0:45   
  26-Jan-01 Watched video on "Who Moved My Cheese?" and discussed it with Berrien Springs Local Regional Group. 1:30   
  26-Jan-01 Connected ideas on paradigm shift and quality improvement from Thomas Kuhn, Stephen Covey. Expanded bibliography. 2:00   
  28-Jan-01 Connected some ideas from readings by Bill Gates, Louis Fried, Michael Hammer. Expanded bibliography. 3:00   
  28-Jan-01 Began writing reflections on the relationship between evolutionary and revolutionary change (Noel Tichy), reengineering and quality programs (Michael Hammer), tinkering and kludging (Eric Abramhamson). 3:00   
  04-Feb-01 Wrote more reflections on how the concept of change is found in competencies all the way through my IDP. 3:00   
  09-Feb-01 Studied Kotter's 8 Stages of Change and compared them with the 8 Steps of Change Management listed by SCT (Systems and Computing Technology), software vendors for the Banner administrative software package. I included a reflection on these 8 stages as they apply to the change process at Andrews. 3:00   
  11-Feb-01 Strategic Planning Retreat: asked the group to consider role of IT in helping to identify areas for change, and in enabling the changes. 5:00   
  12-Feb-01 Continued writing reflections. Worked on completing web portfolio documents. 2:30   
  13-Feb-01 Consult with ITS managers on aligning IT strategic plan with AU plan. 1:00   
  13-Feb-01 Prepared material to share with Administrative Computing Committee on redefining the charter of the committee, to play a more significant role in developing policies and setting priorities. 1:00   
  13-Feb-01 Completed references section in reflections, filled in missing data in bibliography. 1:30   
  14-Feb-01 Work with Strategic Planning Committee on revising the developing strategic plan to incorporate IT where it can help identify where changes can and should be made, and can assist in the monitoring and assessment of the theffectiveness of the changes. 1:00   
  14-Feb-01 Writing documentation for portfolio. 1:30   
  15-Feb-01 Meeting with Pat Mutch discussing changes that are needed, and strategies for identifying and implementing those changes 2:00   
  15-Feb-01 Met with representative from SpectraCorp to learn more about ways ITS Telecommunications can offer more services more economically 1:00   
  15-Feb-01 Working on documentation for portfolio 1:30   
  25-Feb-01 Working on portfolio documentation. 4:00   
  23-Mar-01 Working on Reflection and Bibliography for course credits on change. 2:00   
  25-Mar-01 Working on Reflection and Bibliography for course credits on change. 3:00   
  25-Mar-01 Reflected on and wrote up significant change events in my career over the past few years. 3:00   
  25-Mar-01 Completed requirements for course credit for EDUC756 Advanced Study: Change Process, including documentation for portfolio. 4:00   
  01-Apr-01 Final changes and fine tuning for portfolio. Print color hard copy for grading. 1:00   
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Total Time Spent 61:00   

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