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Sent: Thursday, 8 June 2000 11:40 PM
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Hi Terry,

I really value and appreciate the suggestion you are making here. In our weekly manager's meeting, we start with a devotional thought and a prayer. I know there are offices around campus that start this way each morning, and I know God blesses our efforts when we put each day in His care.

Some of the groups within ITS have their own weekly meetings, and I would certainly encourage opening these meetings with prayer, at least, but also with some time spent thinking about spiritual matters.

Doing this for ITS as a whole would be a wonderful idea. I will bring it up in the next manager's meeting. I suspect a difficulty could be the different work habits that different individuals have with regard to starting time. But there may be a way to resolve that at least on one day per week.

Thanks again for the suggestion Terry.


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> David,
> Last night I watched a movie with my wife that got me to thinking. I 
> realized for the first time how much we spend time persuing outside 
> interests instead of what is the most important thing in life. That is 
> Jesus. This morning I woke up thinking about it and began to wonder 
> about the current frustrations going on within our own department. 
> When I was growing up my father quoted from some where that a "family 
> that prays together sticks together". This lead me to remember a 
> comment you made at one of the christmas parties about us as the ITS 
> family. These thoughts have been bouncing around my head since around 
> 4:20am this morning. I know that each of us are very busy keeping the 
> university going. But at what extent. I
> know that some locations start each morning with worship and prayer. Some
> start each week out with worship and prayer. I was wondering if their was
> some way to bring us together for worship and a short prayer each 
> week. This
> might help us to realize we are all on the same team and what our purpose
> is, helping others reach souls for Christ through the use of technology.
> Thank you for your time.
> Terry