From: David Heise []
Sent: Wednesday, 10 May 2000 1:23 PM
To: Vivien Oxley; Lorena Bidwell; Jim Massena; Dan Widner; Dan Cress; Gary Dickerson

Dear managers,

The attached zip file contains the documents needed for this year's performance evaluations. The spreadsheet can be used for plotting and averaging the individual scores. I tried to paste the graph in the Word document, and found that 93KB + 15KB = 22,506KB!!! I wondered why it was so slow doing the paste. It is supposed to work just fine, and apart from the unbearable slowness and monstrous size, it does work fine. You would double click on the pasted graph, which brings up Excel. Then click on the second tab, enter the individual scores and the person's name, then click the first tab in the spreadsheet and click back in the document. The chart draws itself and fills in the overall score. Oh well.

We are checking 14 Job Energy as N/A. It either adds nothing of value, or double counts attributes already rated, or discriminates against the obese, the handicapped and Type B personalities (in my opinion).

Also, I have grayed out boxes 4 and 5 for some factors (9, 10, 11 and 13). These are in a sense where the expectation cannot be exceeded. Punctuality is the clearest example of this. The expectation is that a person will be 100% punctual, that is, arrive in plenty of time for all appointments, be in the expected place at the expected time. That's a 3, and it cannot be improved on, in my thinking, although it is conceivable that a person could score less than 3. Please give me your feedback on this for each of the factors I have selected. It is possible that you could come up with circumstances where a 4 might be warranted. Email us all with your thoughts on this.

Here's the interview schedule:
Thu 11 May 2:00pm Dan Widner
Fri 12 May 10:00am Jim Massena
Tue 16 May 11:00am Gary Dickerson
Tue 16 May 2:00pm Vivien Oxley
Wed 17 May 9:00am Lorena Bidwell
Thu 18 May 2:00pm Dan Cress