From: David Heise []
Sent: Friday, 23 March 2001 3:22 AM
To: Vivien Oxley; Lorena Bidwell; Jim Massena; Gary Dickerson; Dan Widner; Daniel Cress; David Heise
Subject: Performance Evaluations

Just as I was about to start typing here, Linda Wysong called, so I can now give you the full picture. Objections to the level of detail in the Salaried Performance Evaluation came up in a Deans' Council. On the academic side, most salaried staff are employed in executive positions and it is felt that the performance categories do not apply well to their situation (customer service, initiative & innovation, adaptability, dependability, etc are only for those lower on the food chain). But these documents do not go to HR anyway, so at our discretion, we may still use them.

I will incorporate any changes that have been made in other parts of the document into the Word version we have, and email it to you, hopefully before the weekend. You should go ahead and set up the appointments with your staff, and for yourselves with me.


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