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2. A dynamic change-agent with skills in:

2(b) Developing human resources

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Portfolio Documentation

1.   Use weekly managers' meetings and special meetings to share a vision of leadership.

1.   Document training activities for ITS management team and reactions from them.

2.   Implement Performance Evaluation and Development Planning for ITS staff.

2.   Include the Performance Evaluation and Development Planning tool, related documents, and report staff reactions and my own reflections.

3.   Take EDUC689 Seminar: Personnel Management with Mike Wood. Use material and ideas from this course to develop and implement ways of fostering personal and professional growth within ITS.

3.   Document personnel development initiatives and results.

Reflective Summary

1. Developing ITS management team via staff meetings

2. Staff development planning and assessment

3. EDUC689 Seminar: Personnel Management

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