A New Way To Post Minutes

February 17, 2003

Minutes from your Regional Group meetings can now be posted directly into the Leadership Web Site.  This will save having to forward them to your group's WebCT Administrator for posting to LeadAll, and it also saves Carol Castillo precious time - she is relieved of having to update the attendance records and publish your minutes to the web.

You can continue to write your minutes in a word processor or in your email package mail editor -or- you can type the minutes directly into the web entry screen.  If you choose the former method, then all you have to do when you get to the web entry screen is cut and paste.

Note: You still need to follow your group's standard practice for approving the minutes.  Since the minutes are typically sent to LeadAll before your group has its next meeting, approval is usually performed electronically via email.


Note: The Formatted Save option described below is available only when using Internet Explorer as your browser.  Netscape allows only a Plain Text Save.
  1. Go to Leadership Restricted Services (http://leaderpart.andrews.edu/apps/logon.asp) and sign on.
  2. Click Post Minutes to the Web in the menu.  The first page appears with the name of the Regional Group and the name of the Recorder filled in automatically.
  3. Enter the meeting date.
  4. Click the Load Your Members button.  The second page appears with the members of the group listed.
  5. If a faculty member attended, select the name from the drop down list.
  6. Click the Yes radio button for each member who attended.
  7. Click the Formatted Save or Plain Text Save button as appropriate.  (Use Internet Explorer if you wish to use formatting in your minutes.)
  8. You can compose or transcribe the minutes online by typing directly into the web entry screen.  Alternatively, you can write them prior to going online, then select all (Ctrl>A), copy (<Ctrl>C) and paste (<Ctrl>V) into the web screen.
  9. Click the Post Minutes button.
  10. The following actions occur:
    1. The minutes are published to your groupís minutes web page. (Click Directories in the Leadership menu bar then Regional Group Minutes.)
    2. An email is sent to the group informing them of the fact.
    3. The minutes are sent as email to LeadAll.  Note: You do not have to be your group's WebCT Administrator to do this.  If the recorder is not the WebCT Administrator, the email is sent to LeadAll by the recorder on behalf of the WebCT Administrator.
    4. Attendance by faculty and group members is updated in the Leadership Tracking Database.

Please try this approach next time you have minutes to send to LeadAll.  Any suggestions or comments you have, please send to David Heise at David.Heise@Sanitarium.com.au.