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2. A dynamic change agent with skills in:
(c) Public relations/Communications

Responses to Regional Group Minutes

From: Wolf2100@aol.com
Sent: Friday, June 23, 2000 5:27 PM
To: dheise@andrews.edu
Subject: Re: Berrien Springs Local Regional Meeting


i dont normally ready regional reports. but i've learned i usually like to
listen in on your thinking, and in this case, your reporting.

thanks. a good read.


From: Macquar@aol.com
Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2000 5:48 PM
To: dheise@andrews.edu
Subject: Re: Berrien Springs Local Regional Meeting

Dear David:

What an excellent report of your meeting. Sounds like a tremendous amount of
depth, motivation, and support! What fun! About your WebCT meeting, perhaps I
read too quickly, I am wondering what date and time the meeting will occur.
If you could reiterate or let us all know, I would be grateful to join in!

Thanks for sharing your group's highlights!

From: Gunnar Jørgensen [jorgense@andrews.edu]
Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2000 3:38 AM
To: David Heise
Subject: SV: Berrien Springs Local Regional Meeting

Thank you, David, for this good report. You have the ability to express a
lot of content with relatively few words.

I tried to log on to your Neanderthal discussion. But I do not think most of
us have access to LeadBerSpr, so we cannot really read your discussion,


> -----Opprinnelig melding-----
> Fra: David Heise [mailto:dheise@andrews.edu]
> Sendt: 23. juni 2000 23:19
> Til: Leadership - All
> Emne: Berrien Springs Local Regional Meeting
> The Berrien Springs Local Regional group met on Thursday afternoon,

From: David Heise [dheise@andrews.edu]
Sent: Friday, June 23, 2000 5:19 PM
To: Leadership - All
Subject: Berrien Springs Local Regional Meeting

The Berrien Springs Local Regional group met on Thursday afternoon, 22-Jun-2000, from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm for an "IDP Fair".  Present were José Alaby, David Heise, Andrzej Mikolajczyk, Joseph Mucha, and Victoria Wickwire.   We met in the Lincoln Room in the University Campus Center.  Some had a light supper while the IDP displays were being set up.  Joe opened the meeting with prayer when we were ready to start.  Two of the team had competencies ready to sign off, others had partial presentations to make and we seeking comment on the directions they were taking, and guidance an completing the work.

Victoria Wickwire
Victoria gave a presentation on Competency 6a A Competent Scholar:
Educational Foundations.  Her IDP specified three pieces of documentation:
1. Course EDUC632, including syllabus, readings and responses
2. Reflection & Synthesis
3. Samples and reflections integrating theory and practices

The group was impressed with Victoria's creativity and imagination, as well as her organization, thoroughness and scholarship.  She is using a nature-based theme, both for decorative purposes and in her teaching methods.  We were well satisfied that Victoria demonstrates this competency, and has clearly documented what she set out to do.

David Heise
David demonstrated part of his Competency 1b An effective instructor with skills in: Instructional management to accommodate individual variability.  He is applying this to work he is doing as an office productivity project in the Leadership office.  Part of this is a Microsoft Access application he has developed for maintaining personal details and tracking certain program details for participants in the Leadership Program.  Another part is the development of the Roundtable web registration application, with reports coming out of the Access database.  He also demonstrated another Access application he has developed for his personal use to keep a log of time spent.  He has used this for certain course credits that required a log to be kept.

Andrzej Mikolajczyk
Andrew took us through material for Competencies 1 a-c An effective instructor.   All of us found it to be a learning experience as we listened to what Andrew had done and how he applied it to demonstrating competency.  Each of us came to have a better understanding of the importance of being able to place our accomplishments in a theoretical framework.  We also talked about the portfolio defense process, and the need for clear organization, with an index and tabs linking back to our IDPs.  Andrew has assembled a wealth of documentation (many certificates of recognition, videotapes of programs prepared for TV, over 80 audiotapes of radio programs, etc), and one of his challenges will be to finding the right way to present it all.

Jose Alaby
Alaby has published a 7 volume series entitled "The Bible in Poetry".   He has converted the Bible into poetry on a verse by verse basis.  80,000 copies have been sold.  He and his wife even set up their own publishing company.  He has been published in other major magazines, reported in newspaper articles; edited a Methodist journal; his credentials include working in a variety of positions of leadership.  We were all very impressed.  The question we wanted to ask Alaby was: what do you feel this Leadership program will give you that you don't already have? He replied that it would update his currency in some areas, give further depth in some areas, and greater connectedness between the different competencies.  This latter one especially has already been achieved in Alaby's case.

Alaby's wealth of experience and compelling documentation made it a no-brainer to sign off on Competency 2a A dynamic change-agent with skills in: Public relations/Communications.

Next Meeting:
As the meeting was ending, we tried to find a time when we could meet again to discuss the book for Roundtable 2000 - Shadows of the Neanderthal.  After several unsuccessful attempts were made to come up with a time, Victoria suggested doing it on the web.  So our next meeting will be on the WebCT Bulletin Board to discuss the book for the Roundtable conference.  Click on WebCT Courses on the Leadership home page (http://www.andrews.edu/leadership/), then click My WebCT, then LeadBerSpr Leadership Regional Cohort.

David Heise email: dheise@andrews.edu

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