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2. A dynamic change-agent with skills in:

2(c) Public relations/Communications

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Portfolio Documentation

1.   Prepare a bibliography of journals, web, and books.

1.   Include the annotated bibliography, together with observations on the value and relevance of the readings. Reflect on what I learned, how it changed me, and how I promoted and communicated what I learned.

2.   Develop materials for obtaining buy-in and commitment of time resources for various high priority information technology projects.

2.   Document public relations/communications examples that illustrate the application of these skills in bringing about change.

3.   Present a paper on Data Warehousing at SCT Summit 99.

3.   Include the Data Warehousing paper presented at SCT Summit 99 Conference, with feedback responses from attendees.

1. Reflective Notes and Annotated bibliography

2. Developing public relations/communications materials

3. Data Warehousing presentation at the SCT Summit 99 Conference

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