Structural Changes in Information Technology
at Andrews University

Since mid-1996, a number of structural changes were made in the IT organization at Andrews University as we attempted to become more service oriented and more responsive to user needs. This document traces the history of those structural changes.

1. August, 1996

The department at this time consisted of 17 salaried and 6 hourly employees, totaling 23.

As at August, 1996

2. July, 1997

In May 1997, we voted to change the name of the department from Andrews University Computing Center to Information Technology Services. We created three new PC Support positions , and this made the group previously known as Academic Computing much too large. So we took the 4 staff involved in system administration and network support and made a new group called Servers and Networks. We renamed the remaining group to Client Services. Because of the decline of batch data entry and its replacement with distributed, online data entry in Banner, the Operations department was merged into the Programming group. Since we were implementing a full administrative ERP software package, we renamed this group to Administrative Systems. In Telecommunications, we closed the night operator Switchboard position.

The department had 21 salaried budgets and 5 hourly budgets, totaling 26 employees.

As at November, 1997

3. July, 1998

Further changes were made in July 1998. At this time, I was asked to be the Chief Information Officer for the University, and two existing positions were transferred into ITS - the Office of Institutional Research, and the Banner Support Coordinator position. Before the first major restructuring in 1997, there had been a department called Academic Computing, which we separated into Client Services and Servers & Networks. It was felt that the academic computing needs of the campus needed some focussed attention, so we decided to address this by creating a new department in ITS called Instructional Technology. These changes resulted in there being 6 units within ITS reporting to the CIO, who in turn reported to the President.

The department now had 23 salaried positions and 5 hourly positions, totaling 28 positions. The Computer Store Office Administrator position was changed from hourly to salaried at about this time, with a new title of Associate Store Manager.

As at July, 1998

4. January, 2002

Owing to budget pressures and changes in the workplace brought about by advances in technology, 2 hourly positions were closed - Data Entry Clerk in Administrative Systems and ASTRA Clerk in Telecommunications. Phenomenal growth in the number and complexity of network services being demanded, and rising expectations of reliability and performance, led to the creation of a new position in Servers & Networks. Another Banner Support Specialist was added to support the areas of Finance, Human Resources and Payroll, and Alumni and Development.

The department now had 25 salaried positions and 2 hourly positions, totaling 27 employees.

As January, 2002

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