From: David Heise []
Sent: Thursday, 15 June 2000 11:37 PM
To: Pat Mutch; Wesley Shultz; Gerald Coy; Ronald Johnson; Stephen Thorman; Roberto Ordonez; Jim Wolfer
Subject: "The Return of Computer Science"

The May issue of the EDUTECH Report has a newsbrief from the May 13 Philadelphia Inquirer - "Computer majors clog campuses":

"College administrators across the country are scrambling to accommodate the latest campus craze: majoring in the computer sciences. With the Internet economy producing a healthy supply of high-tech, high-paying jobs, computer science courses are experiencing a popularity unequalled since personal computers arrived in the early 1980s. A survey by the Computing Research Association of 156 departments in the United States and Canada found that the number of newly declared majors in computer science programs rose to about 21,000 in 1999 -- more than double what it was in 1995. It's a sharp reversal after nearly a decade of decline."

Jack Stout has presented data in the Strategic Planning Committee on "The Probable Career and Most Likely Major of Freshmen". As a declared career, "Computer programmer or analyst" topped the list for men and was just behind "Physician" overall, for SDAs not in SDA institutions. This pattern was not reflected in the 95 and 96 data presented for Andrews.

It seems to me that there is a market here that we are not serving well and/or that we have a program that we are not promoting well.

Is this an opportunity begging to be noticed?


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