Notes for remarks made at a Budget Committee meeting in 2001

Yesterday was my 4-year anniversary of arriving in the USA.  I think there has been a growth in IT services during that time, but the overwhelming changes are the ones we still have not made…  That, to me, is a very sobering thought.


As a service organization, ITS is a cost center rather than a profit center.


The pressure we face is: how do we provide the new and improved services that users request and that remaining competitive demands, all with limited resources?


My role here today is to paint a picture of the kind of possible future that could be facilitated through the appropriate use of technology.


I am very grateful to be able to make this presentation to this forum.  Should this technology-enabled future be one that we decide we cannot afford, then we can collectively determine which initiatives to remove or postpone.


There is one thing about technology that cannot be denied:


Technology is bringing changes, ready or not.

And the pace of change is becoming increasingly hectic.


I like the way Price Pritchett puts it in his latest booklet:

“Carpe Mañana Before tomorrow seizes you”


He says:

“Tomorrow comes at us with ever-increasing speed.  We need to engage it – today.  Seize its opportunities – now.  Start shaping its possibilities – in this very moment.  And our approach must be very different from behaviors we’ve relied on in the past.”


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Concerning the competitiveness of higher education, it is no longer enough to have a good program.  If ours is not extraordinary, then potential students will chose one that is.


Describe briefly the 7 budget areas in ITS


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