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3. An effective organizer with skills in:

3(b) Allocating resources

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1.   Develop a Strategic Plan for ITS that gives budgetary direction for allocating resources and prioritizing projects in accordance with Andrews' objectives. Include goal setting for personal and departmental growth.

1.   Document the budgeting process followed in ITS, including wage and salary budgeting, prioritizing funding for technology in accordance with the institution's mission and goals, and measures developed to foster accountability in team leaders.

2.   Develop a system for monitoring and reporting computer capital budgeting and expenditure.

2.   Document the tracking and monitoring system that was developed, and describe its effectiveness and impact on resource allocation.

3.   Acknowledging that our human resources are our most valuable resources, develop a plan and implement policies and procedures for hiring, developing and retaining good staff.

3.   Document the procedures implemented and their effectiveness in attracting, hiring and retaining good staff. Include follow-up reviews.

Reflective Summary

1. ITS Strategic Planning process for prioritizing projects, budgeting and allocating resources

2. Tracking and monitoring capital projects

3. Project management, prioritizing, and aligning with institutional goals

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