Email as an Official Communication Medium
David Heise
Sunday, August 19, 2001

This discussion document is intended as a starting point to help us identify ways in which communications within the University might be improved. The widespread acceptance of email as a standard communication medium suggests that there are opportunities for improving communications by formalizing our use of email.


List objectives we wish to accomplish via email

Issues to cover in an email policy statement

  1. Mechanism for providing all students and employees with email accounts
  2. The account activation process
  3. Support for forgotten passwords, etc
  4. Synchronizing with enterprise database
    1. For new students, at registration, or before? Where?
    2. For new employees
    3. Transfer to mail-forwarding account on leaving Andrews, for both students and employees
    4. What about prospective students?
  5. Account naming standards
  6. Responsibility for checking the Andrews account; Policies about email-only notification
  7. Responsibility for ensuring availability and reliability of Andrews account
  8. Guidelines for departmental or special-purpose email accounts
  9. Guidelines on password formation
  10. Guidelines on security, privacy, confidentiality, and encryption
  11. Accessibility to an email station
  12. Distributions lists and listservs
  13. Policies for holding email on the server
  14. Backup, archiving, and retention
  15. Virus protection
  16. ...