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3. An effective organizer with skills in:
(c) Interpreting laws, regulations, and policies

The Basics of Writing Policies and Procedures
3c1 Padgett Thompson Seminar

Anne Ryan
Monday, September 11, 2000

We have policies to revise/write on the use of computing resources at a university. Want to get better at putting the policy into words, getting it approved and adopted.

“Guidelines to Effective Policies and Procedures”
Robert Gunning “Fog Index” for readability

What is a policy writer?

D Dominant eliminate socializing
have facts and figures to support
office untidy
I Inspirer Influencer (motivators)
they are articulate, but do not listen, so you need to take a lot of notes with them
S Steadfast Loyal, team players, reliable, accept suggestions, good listeners, office is tidy, like privacy, schedules, like stability, do not like change
Have backup, be low key, informal
C Conscientious do not like socializing
get down to details
afraid of criticism of their performance

One element of policy writing that was stressed in the seminar is the importance of presentation and readability. Formatting style and layout are important parts of this. Diagrams are another part. As an example, I used Microsoft Visio 2000's Mind Mapping Tool to sketch some ideas that might be used in a policy document about the use of safety equipment.

Safety Concept Map
Visio Mind Mapping Diagram

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