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Y2K Tracking Database - AU2K

I  searched many sources on the web, from other university pages to software companies and Y2K consultants, but was unable to find any tracking software that suited both our needs and our budgets.  Several packages were available in demo form, and I downloaded and tried a couple of them.  Some of the university pages had a reasonable amount of information about the approach they were taking, and information they were planning to track.  The US Department of Education prepared a Y2K Compliance Kit, which was useful in developing a strategy and formulating our plan.

Through a period of several months starting in September (see minutes for 25-Sep-98, 16-Oct-98, 06-Nov-98, 20-Nov-98), I put together the best of what I found, and prepared prototypes for discussion in Y2K Task Force meetings.  I documented the design with Help Text for the data fields in the prototype database, and wrote a brief system manual for the database design and data entry screens.

When these ideas were approved, Eric Brown, a student working in ITS Client Services, took over development of the prototype in Microsoft Access.  Our initial deployment used a Replication technique available with Microsoft Access.  This was used on a pilot scale while another student, Chris Wilson, developed a web version of the application.  This software was used by the Y2K Coordinators in each of the departments across campus to enter hardware and software details about computers and other devices in their departments, and to record the compliance status.  Many of the fields, such as CompliancyStatus and FixStrategy, had drop down boxes of predefined options.  For instance, here is the table of possible values for FixStrategy.

Fix Strategy

Fix Description


Not known

to be determined, unknown at this time



correct the components that are non-compliant



modify the item to be Y2K compliant



upgrade the item to a Y2K compliant version or model


Build replacement

build a Y2K compliant replacement for this item


Purchase replacement

buy a Y2K compliant replacement for this item



this item will not be in use after 31-Dec-1999

The effort invested in making the tracking database available online was repaid many times over.  As departments worked through their testing, and made decisions about replacing or retiring machines, they were able to update their data online, and I was able to present up-to-the minute reports to the Task Force at our bi-weekly meetings.  I used Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables with an ODBC connection to the web database.

Analysis of Y2K Status (Spreadsheet) 12-May-1999
Analysis of Y2K Status (Spreadsheet) 13-May-1999
Y2K Compliance Summary Spreadsheet 14-May-1999
Y2K Compliance Tracking Spreadsheet 28-May-1999

Another benefit of having the database online was that a bulk order was able to be assembled almost automatically.  For machines where the Fix Strategy was indicated as "Purchase replacement", departments were able to select from two configurations and chose a monitor size (or no monitor).  Four hundred and fifty new Dell personal computers were ordered and delivered using this approach.

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