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3. An effective organizer with skills in:
(c) Interpreting laws, regulations, and policies

Y2K Documents

This is a collection of documents that were prepared during the Y2K project.  There are status reports to various committees and entities, such as the Y2K Task Force, the University Senate, the Trustee Finance Committee, The General Conference, the US Department of Education, etc.  There are also samples of the project plan, and various communications with departmental Y2K Coordinators and the whole campus community.

Memo or Report     Date Written Author
Pass/Fail Data Analysis (Spreadsheet)   Excel 30-Jun-1998 Tim Trine
GC Y2K Status/Progress Report   Word 27-Aug-1998 David Heise
Compliance Tracking System - Table Lookup Values   Word 30-Aug-1998 David Heise

Sample agreement documents

  • Contract and Purchase Order Provision
  • Contract and Purchase Order Provision
  • Year 2000 Compliance Acknowledgment
    From Suppliers of Products and Services
  • Certification of Compliance
    for its Divisions and GC Institutions

31-Aug-1998 Tom Taylor
Y2K Compliance Tracking Form   Word 31-Aug-1998 David Heise
Compliance Tracking System   Word 28-Sep-1998 David Heise
Department Heads - Y2K Contact List   Excel 02-Nov-1998 Tim Trine
Report to T2K Task Force from Client Services  


29-Jan-1999 Tim Trine
Y2K PC System Configuration & Pricing (Spreadsheet)   Excel 01-Feb-1999 Dan Widner
Hidden Y2K Expenditures (PC setup costs)   Excel 01-Feb-1999 Tim Trine
Report to the Andrews University Senate   Word 08-Feb-1999 David Heise
Report to the Trustee Committee on Finance     19-Feb-1999 David Heise
Y2K Communication Team meeting notes   Word 03-Mar-1999 David Heise
Y2K Tracking Database field help text   Word 11-Apr-1999 David Heise
Analysis of Y2K Status (Spreadsheet)   Excel 12-May-1999 David Heise
Analysis of Y2K Status (Spreadsheet)   Excel 13-May-1999 David Heise
Y2K Compliance Summary Spreadsheet   Excel 14-May-1999 David Heise
Y2K Compliance Tracking Spreadsheet   Excel 28-May-1999 David Heise
Organization Chart of Y2K Task Force   Word 30-May-1999 David Heise
Y2K Data Collection Data Update Request   Word 01-Jun-1999 David Heise
Assessment of Y2K Progress for Dept of Ed.   Excel 15-Jul-1999 David Heise
Report to the Trustee Committee on Finance   Word 16-Jul-1999 David Heise
Y2K Check Sheet Memo   Word 26-Aug-1999 David Heise
Y2K Contingency Meeting notes   Word 09-Dec-1999 David Heise
Final memo to campus   Word 09-Dec-1999 David Heise
Y2K Thank you mail merge   Word 10-Dec-1999 David Heise
ITS Y2K Transition Plans   Word 27-Dec-1999 David Heise
Y2K Contact Directory   Word 30-Dec-1999 Contingency
Year 2000 Project Plan   Word 30-Sep-1999 David Heise
Y2K Report After the event   Word 03-Jan-2000 David Heise
Y2K Hype - Newsletter Article HTML   06-Jan-2000 David Heise

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