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3. An effective organizer with skills in:
(c) Interpreting laws, regulations, and policies

Y2K Voicemail Message To Campus

On Wednesday, December 29, 1999, I recorded a voicemail message and sent it at 4:19 PM to the entire Andrews University campus.  Jason Loucks in AIM converted the saved message to a digital .wav format file, so I have put both the recording and the message text here in my Portfolio.

Text of Y2K Voicemail Message

Hello Andrews, goodbye 99. This is David Heise, University CIO.

I hope you are adequately prepared for what we *hope* will be a non-event.

Do you have adequate water, food, sources of light and heat, gasoline in your car?

Are your computers, both at work and at home, backed up and protected from viruses?

Please remember to disconnect your work computers from the power outlets before you leave for the New Year holiday.

Stay tuned to WAUS over the weekend. We will also be posting updates on the Andrews web page. Let's pray for a quiet transition into 2000.

Y2K Voicemail Message Recording

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