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3. An effective organizer with skills in:

3(c) Interpreting laws, regulations, and policies

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1.   Identify areas for which policies and procedures need to be documented and set up mechanisms for developing, approving and revising those policies and procedures.

1.   Report the policies developed. Review and reflect on the mechanisms set up for administering the policies, and their acceptance and effectiveness.

2.   Present the Computers & Networks Policy document to campus. Describe training, promotion, presentation, and implementation.

2.   The Computers and Networks Usage Policy document: appropriate usage policies, pornography laws and policies, web block, privacy and copyright, as incorporated into the Andrews University Working Policy.

3.   Lead the University successfully through the process of achieving Year 2000 compliance. Develop an inventory of all date sensitive software, computer hardware and non-computing equipment and machinery, vendors, service and utility providers and other external entities.  Develop and implement strategies for remediation or alternate plans.

3.   Document chairing the Andrews University Y2K Task Force, designing a tracking system, building the Y2K web site, writing reports, giving presentations, fostering participation, and satisfying external compliance requirements.  Write this up as EDUC680 Field Work: Institutional Project Planning.

Reflective Summary

1. Process for identifying, developing, approving, and revising policies

2. Development and presentation of computer acceptable use policy

3. Y2K Task Force and efforts to achieve compliance with year 2000 regulations

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