Ameritech Faculty Development Technology Project

Planning Committee

Michigan Colleges Foundation

March 20, 1998

10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Notes



Attending:       Sam Abraham, Assoc. Prof. of Computer & Info. Systems,

                                    Siena Heights College

Ed Barboni, Consultant

                        Donna Clancy, Administrative Support Consultant,

                                    Michigan Colleges Foundation

                        Henry DeVries, VP for Information Services, Calvin College

Lynn Fisher, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations,

                                    Michigan Colleges Foundation

                        Lisa Hamway, Director, Corporate Contributions, Ameritech

David Heise, Director, Information Technology Services,

                                    Andrews University

David Hopper, Director of Institutional Technology,

                                    Spring Arbor College

                        Gary Kieff, Dean of Academic Programs & Services,

                                    Aquinas College

                        Bill Liebold, President, Michigan Colleges Foundation

Myles McNally, Assoc. Professor of Math & Computing Science,

                                    Alma College

                        Lisa Palchick, Director of Information Services, Kalamazoo College

Bill Shell, Director of Computer Center, Adrian College

Paul Stemmer, Director, Center for Research, Madonna University

Rebecca Van Dyke, Project Coordinator, Hope College

                        David Zenz, Director of Academic Computing, Hillsdale College


Unable to attend:

Owen Guthrie, Information Technology Services Manager,

            Olivet College

Carl Heideman, Dir. of Academic Computing & Information Technology,

Hope College

                        Kathleen Shannon, Regional Sales Manager,

                                    Ameritech Enhanced Business Services

John Wenzel, Acting Assoc. Director Academic Computing,

Albion College

                        Jo Woodman, Director of Computer Services & Communications,

                                    Marygrove College


1.        Dave Hopper thanked everyone for attending and introduced Jim Chapman, president of Spring Arbor College.    President Chapman thanked everyone for visiting their school, gave a brief history of the school and, a lighthearted synopsis of his view on technology and teaching.


2.      Lisa Hamway complemented the group on the progress of the project and presented Bill Liebold with the 1998 Ameritech donation of $125,000 which includes a an increase of $15,000 from ’97.


3.      Bill Liebold informed the group about the task forces that have been formed from a consortium of the 14 MCF colleges to work collaboratively in areas like purchasing health insurance, assessing technology needs and coordinating overseas study.


He announced that a description of this project was included in the MCF annual report that was handed out.  He also announced that the MCF website would be available after June 1.


Bill Shell, Director of the Computer Center at Adrian College was welcomed to the group.


4.      Ed Barboni announced that he has met with all four states now and suggested that the groups form a line of communication.


5.      Ed suggested that a website be created for marketing and recruitment purposes.  Myles McNally of Alma College volunteered to set-up the site and include all workshop descriptions.  Ed also  suggested that outside speakers be asked to put their program in digital form to be included in website.


6.      After discussion it was decided that imagination and creativity be stressed rather than uniformity in workshop presentations.  The workshops were then discussed in length to cover all agenda items.


A.     Unleashing the Power of Learning and Teaching with Technology

Paul Stemmer acted as spokesperson for the “powerusers workshop.”  After Paul described the content of the workshop, Ed suggested that the same type of “group” be promoted as the support staff has in place.  Lisa Palchick supported this type of group interaction and commented that this group might possibly be the change agents Ameritech is looking for and be the biggest step toward the success of the project.  Paul will schedule and budget a dinner and overnight accommodations.


It was also discussed and decided that this workshop should be addressed to “peers” and not so much to “gurus”.


B.    WebTech:  Using the World Wide Web to Deliver Course Content

Myles McNally, spokesperson for WebTech workshop distributed an updated description and asked for suggestions on questions of budget, workshop presenter stipend, etc.  This workshop was created to be presented in 3 different locations so dinner and overnight accommodations would not be necessary.


C.   Support Staff Issues and Organization

David Zenz, spokesperson for the Support Staff workshop, described the purpose of the workshop as a continuation of the progress from ’97.  The discussion included privacy concerns and terms of support staffing issues (outsourcing).  The toolbox requirement will be amended for this workshop - the group will work on goals as a group and then decide what to include in toolbox.


D.   Tech 101

Henry DeVries and Lisa Palchick said the Tech 101 workshop would basically be the same as the ’97 workshop.  A discussion of Mac vs. PC ensued with decision that the minimal difference be addressed on an individual basis.


It was decided that all workshop descriptions would be available on the listserve by Thursday, March 26, 1998 for marketing and recruitment purposes.  Bill Liebold will include these descriptions with a letter to all college presidents and CAOs with a copy going to each planning member.


·        The list of workshop participants will be forwarded to Donna Clancy by April 24, 1998.  This list will included on the listserve so all participants can see who they will be attending with.  Number of participants for the workshops were determined to be:


            Powerusers - 5 from each school

            WebTech - 4 from each school

Tech 101 - 2 from each school, (3 from some schools to equal maximum number)

Support Staff - 3 to 4 from each school (some schools may be self-restricted to 1 or 2 participants) to include manager, trainer and tech person


·        The workshop coordinators will be responsible for deciding the budget for housing, travel, etc. Lynn Fisher will email a template for the budget to all workshop coordinators.


·        Letterhead (created in ’97) will be made available to workshop coordinators for all materials to be duplicated on.


·        Bill Liebold added that participant commitments need to total at least 180 and that MCF should be notified if the numbers fall below this.


6.      Dave Hopper brought up the continuing concern for the relationship between faculty and support staff in terms of development.  It was discussed as a possible theme for the Statewide Wrap-Up Meeting.  As time was running short, it was tabled and a meeting for further discussion/decision making was scheduled for Monday, May 11 at Spring Arbor College.


Important dates:

·        Thursday, March 26

All workshop descriptions will be posted on the listserve for marketing and recruitment.

·        Wednesday, April 15

            Budgets for workshops due to MCF


·        Friday, April 24

            All recruited workshop registration forms due to Donna Clancy

·        Monday, May 11

            Meeting to finalize Statewide Wrap-Up Meeting.

            10 a.m. Spring Arbor College (details to come from D. Hopper)

·        Friday, May 15

            Gap Analysis information due back to MCF.


Statewide Meeting status:

Dates being considered are October 2, 9, and 30.  Lisa Palchick at Kalamazoo College is checking these dates for accommodations and will notify members as soon as possible.


7.      Bill Liebold thanked everyone for attending the meeting and continuing their ongoing commitment.