Topic Topic # S
Strategic Planning 19 22 5 Develop IT plans that enhance and support the goals of the institution.
Intranets & Web Development 14 13 4 What goes on them, how is restricted material protected, guidelines for content and style, how are servers managed, who does the development, who does the maintenance?
Staff Development 18 13 4 Guidelines and recommendations for professional development of IT staff.
Disaster Recovery 4 12 3 Business Resumption Planning, procedures for offsite backup, data recovery, agreements for alternate systems.
Firewalls & Security 7 12 3 Controlling access without unnecessarily restricting it, vigilance against unauthorized access, fighting hackers, ensuring security of confidential and business data.
Help Desk 13 12 4 What works, what doesn't, how to make it work, what to avoid?
Groupware 11 9 3 Document sharing and revision, calendar sharing, meeting scheduling, email integration.
Student Support 20 9 3 What support is provided to students?  PC labs, students personal machines?
Policies & Standards 16 8 3 Who has well developed working policies for staff, development, staff and student hiring and assessment, computer account usage, involvement of IT in building construction and remodeling, use of network fiber cables, programming requests…?
Time & Attendance 24 5 1 What is working well for automated time and attendance data collection ad management?
Networking 15 4 2 What sort of network is in place - coax, fiber, what kinds of routers and hubs, network management, speeds, topologies, servers, plans for future, video, voice and data?
Distance Learning 5 3 2 What technologies, what current projects, what plans?
Banner 1 2 1 What can we (the Banner users) learn from each other, and bring in a combined way to SCT and to TCP Conferences?
Funding models 8 2 1 How is IT funded, budget allocations, charge outs for time and materials?
Group Purchasing 10 2 1 PC and system hardware and software (Ron Herr will be available on Monday).
Support Models 21 2 1 How is support delivered, staff and student numbers versus users and machine numbers, support teams, help desk?
Data Warehousing 3 1 1 User reporting, data analysis, decision support.
User Training 25 1 1 Programs and philosophies for training users.
Computer Auditing 2 0 0 Make specific plans for a team audit to be incorporated into the next conference.
Educational Multimedia 6 0 0 What is needed to foster and develop the use of multimedia in support of academic processes?
GC reporting compliance 9 0 0 Has anyone produced the revisions necessary to interface their systems with the new GC reporting requirements?
H/W & S/W Standardization 12 0 0 What degree of standardization has been achieved in H/W, in S/W, how was it achieved, what plans for achieving it?
SDA MIS Database 17 0 0 Institution name and size characteristics, IT name and size characteristics, organizational structure, size and composition of user base, H/W & S/W standardization guidelines, IT funding and budgets, charging for IT services…
Telephones 22 0 0 What is being done do maximize efficiency of operations in the face of long distance competition, how is telephone fraud being dealt with?
Theft control 23 0 0 What is being done to control/discourage computer theft?