Impressions of using WebCT


Dan Applegate

easy to use

Ted Brown

bonding with classmates

Mario Ochoa

accessibility from various locations

David Heise

features & technology


Features & Technology

One word



Unpack into two parcels

  1. It is good that everything is in all one location:

         course syllabus

         online resources



         class membership listing

         bulletin board & chat, etc

  1. It is good that everything is not all in one location:

         This could all be done using email and regular web pages, BUT

         all the email messages would be mixed in with all your other email in your inbox

         WebCT allows:

a.       messages for the course are kept together in their own location

b.       threading, keeping messages on the same topic together

c.       breaking a large class into forums to have groups of manageable size,
but still allowing reading and responding in other forums

d.       different viewing options:

                                                                           i.      by thread or chronologically

                                                                         ii.      new or all messages

                                                                        iii.      by forum or all messages