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We have reviewed the article called "What is Data Warehousing?" on and we would like to incorporate it in the HOTT Guide Data Warehousing Special that we will publish in cooperation with GWV Fachverlage/Bertelsmann in October of this year.

The HOTT Guides are comprehensive reference guides that contain a collection of papers, reports and articles concerning a specific Information Technology subject. Sample documents from each guide may be published on our site to interest potential readers of a guide. The format of the documents will be changed where this is required by nature of the media. Publication includes the name of the author, the name of the organization for which he or she works and a short biography.

For the contents of this special issue we will be cooperating with major players like Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Forrester Research and famous universities, among others. HOTT Guide are read by a large target audience that consists of senior management of large corporate organizations and Information Technology professionals.

Your contribution would be very welcome. Please confirm that we may use the paper, in the way described in this e-mail, by sending a printed copy of this e-mail for approval. After you have signed the copy, please send it to us by fax at +31-(0)318-549000. In addition to the signed copy, please also send us a short biography (no more than 30 words).

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We will of course forward you a copy of the HOTT Guide, once it is published.
Thank you for your cooperation!

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