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4. A collaborative consultant with skills in:
(a) Effective communication

4a3 MIS Directors Conference - 1997

(Higher Education Information Systems Event)

I joined the IT organization at Andrews University in early August,1996, as Director of the Computing Center. Shortly after arriving on the job, I was invited to meet with other IT Directors at a conference being hosted at La Sierra University in California. I was "volunteered" to organize the 1997 event to be held at Andrews University. These notes document the approach I took to collaborate with all the other directors in putting together a program that would best meet the needs and interests of the attendees.

I built a web site (see below) for the conference, and there I placed a directory of all the IT personnel who expressed an interest in the conference, as well as the proposals for the agenda, and the final conference schedule and minutes of the sessions.  I made extensive use of email to gather ideas on what to include in the conference, and to vote for preferences, and then I published the feedback I received and the results of the voting.  This simple use of technology allowed for very effective communication with very busy people who were scattered all over North America and beyond.

  1. First Draft Agenda, requesting feedback
  2. Topic suggestions
  3. Planning notes, updated agenda incorporating feedback
  4. Session schedule
  5. Conference Web Site
  6. Scoring for Conference Topics
  7. Survey Results

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