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4. A collaborative consultant with skills in:
(a) Effective communication

4a3 Spokesperson on Information Technology

Development Plan Portfolio Documentation
Be an effective spokesperson on information technology, translating IT concepts into the business context. Describe and list the reports, presentation slides, and scripts, etc.

This is a collection of reports, articles, and presentations illustrating the communication of various information technology concepts.

  1. Data Warehousing
  2. IT Collaboration
  3. Influencing Executive Administration
  4. Involvement in the Leadership Program
  5. Communications to broader audiences
  6. Technical Notes and Tips

1. Data Warehousing

  1. Data Warehousing at Avondale College - Master of Computing Thesis - 23-Dec-1996
    Links to Data Warehousing at Avondale College.  This formed the basis of a Master of Computing Thesis completed at Macquarie University in 1996.
    The project web site ACDW.html - created in 1996
    The report itself ACDWTOC.html DWReport.pdf (597KB) DWReport.zip (169KB)
    PowerPoint slides   DWPresPP.ppt (300KB) DWPresPP.zip (240KB)
    Presentation Handout   DWPresHO.pdf (903KB) DWPresHO.zip (721KB)
    Presentation Script DWPresSc.htm DWPresSc.pdf (514KB) DWPresSc.zip (159KB)
    Full Video
      DWPres.wmv (342MB)
    DWPres0.wmv (307KB)
  2. Paper presented at the 1999 SCT Summit in Orlando - 31-Mar-1999
    I presented this paper at the Banner user conference, and reported on lessons I had learned from my own study and research as well as our experiences at Andrews University.
  3. What is Data Warehousing? - mid-1999
    Prepared for various senior decision-making groups at Andrews University.
  4. Dictionary of Data Warehousing terms - Oct-1998
    Dictionary of terms prepared for the Data Warehouse Steering Committee and other groups.
  5. Data Warehouse Elements to Evaluate - 14-Oct-1998
    Prepared for the Data Warehouse Steering Committee as a starting point to identify the various technologies we would have to evaluate in order to make well-informed purchase or build decisions.

2. IT Collaboration

  1. SDA MIS Directors' Conference - 1997
    (Higher Education Information Systems Event - follow the link to the conference web site and other notes.)
  2. Ameritech Faculty Development Technology Project - 20-Mar-1998
    Planning Committee notes for the four workshops offered in 1998.
  3. Ameritech Faculty Development Technology Project - 20-Mar-1998
    Brief notes on the four workshops, and tracking notes for the Andrews faculty and support staff who attended the workshops.
  4. MCF Support Staff Workshop - 01-Jun-1998
    PowerPoint slides I presented at the MCF Support Staff Workshop.

3. Influencing Executive Administration

  1. Establishing the role of CIO at AU - late 1996 through 1998
    Follow this link to notes I wrote in preparation for meetings about the role of the newly created CIO position.
  2. What is Data Warehousing? - mid-1999
    Prepared in mid-1999 for various senior decision-making groups at Andrews University.
  3. Report to Cabinet on SCT Summit 2000 - 03-Apr-2000
    My vision for an information service architecture using the web.
  4. 2001 Budget Handout, speech notes - 03-Aug-2000
    This is the handout I prepared for the Budget Committee at the start of the 2001/2002 budget meetings, plus the notes I made for the speech I gave.
  5. Growth in Network Services - Nov-2001
    Report I gave to the Computing Committees and President's Cabinet in support of staffing positions in the ITS Servers and Networks department.
  6. Budget changes in IT for 2002/2003

4. Involvement in the Leadership Program

  1. Leadership Faculty Retreat report and responses - 03-May-1999
    I attended a Leadership Faculty Retreat in May, 1999.  This is my report to LeadAll, and some of the response I received.
  2. Group presentation at Roundtable 1999 on WebCT Impressions - July, 1999
    These are notes from a presentation given by members of the "Forum ONE!" group gave at the 1999 Roundtable Conference.  We were reporting on our impressions of using WebCT for online discussion and chat.  We used WebCT in Shirley Freed's portion of EDUC632 Issues in Education Foundations.
  3. Competencies "Pep Talk" - 30-Nov-1999
    I shared with LeadAll a little story of encouragement as we work on our competencies.  This is the email I sent to LeadAll and some of the responses I received back.
  4. "I'm working on my Ph.D. today" - 22-May-2000
    This is an article I wrote for the European 2000 Cohort showing the linkage between my work and my study program.
  5. Responses to Regional Group Minutes - 23-Jun-2000
    These are some of the responses I received from Leadership participants to my reporting of the minutes of one of our regional group meetings.
  6. Presentation to Leadership faculty on the Leadership Tracking System - 21-Feb-2001
    This is a brief PowerPoint presentation that accompanied a demonstration to Leadership Faculty of the Leadership Tracking System I developed.
  7. Virtual Banana Boxes - 17-Jul-2000, 18-Jul-2002
    These are notes, slides and handouts from presentations I gave at the 2000 ROundtable Conference and during orientation in 2002.
  8. Posting Regional Group minutes via the web - 06-Nov-2002
    Presentation and demo to Leadership faculty explaining what Carol Castillo does currently when Regional Group minutes are posted to LeadAll and how much better it will be when students post their own directly to the web.

5. Communications to broader audiences

  1. Report of the Special Committee on Computer Loss Control - 19-Aug-1996
    This group was called together following a rash of PC thefts totaling 11 machines worth over $20,000.
  2. ITS Newsletter lead article, introducing ITS departments - Fall Quarter 1999-2000
    The brief introductory article in the ITS Newsletter from Fall, 1999.
  3. Y2K Hype - Winter Quarter 2000
    An article on Y2K in the ITS Newsletter from Winter, 2000.
  4. Wireless Internet Access - Herald Palladium article - 05-Mar-2000
    News clipping in which I am quoted.
  5. Data Warehousing Article Reprint Request - 26-Apr-2000
    A request to incorporate my article called "What is Data Warehousing?" in the HOTT Guide Data Warehousing Special for 2000.
  6. Information Technology article for Student Movement
    An article I wrote for the Andrews student newspaper about web portals and process automation through workflow systems.
  7. New Faculty Orientation - 15-Aug-2002
    Introducing new faculty to "The Wired and Wireless AU" - services available from ITS.

6. Technical Notes and Tips

  1. Simple Word Formatting - 15-Oct-2001
    Word and Endnote Training For Seminarians
  2. Using Outlook - 07-Feb-2002
    Brief notes highlighting some of my favorite features in Outlook, presented to a class of Seminary students.

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