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4. A collaborative consultant with skills in:
(a) Effective communication

4a3 Becoming CIO

The links on this page reference notes I wrote in preparation for meetings about the role of CIO at Andrews University.  When I joined Andrews in mid-1996, it was as Director of the Computing Center, reporting to the Vice President for Financial Administration.  In mid-1997, the University created the position of CIO (Chief Information Officer) reporting to the President, and then I reported to the university's first CIO.  When the CIO left Andrews in mid-1998, I was asked to take over as CIO.  The notes in this section document my efforts to help the university understand what to expect from a CIO.

  1. Notes from CIO Magazine - November 1996
  2. Relationship of CIO to Computing Center - 20-May-1997
  3. Definition of CIO at Andrews University - 1997
  4. Proposal for ITS Reporting Relationship to AU Administration - 14-Jan-1998
  5. Campus Assessment of CIO Performance - 27-Nov-2000

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